Travel Bites


“The sea is so blue and the sky so wide, there is no better time to travel.” Like the little snail in the popular children’s book by Julia Donaldson, I too belong to those people who are constantly gripped with travel fever. Just a few days after a nice holiday ends, my big toe is itching again and I feel the unrest. “I want to go, I want to leave!” However, how do you reconcile the great desire to travel with family life, a job and other social obligations? Travel Bites are the solution! Instead of fewer, big holidays, you split the holiday into small appetisers. The revival of the mini-break is becoming a big trend and it has a lot to offer. With a small amount of planning and much desire to travel, the year can become a world tour and many small travel bites are awaiting us, the restless globetrotters.


What is more beautiful than the sea? This is more of a rhetorical question for me. A walk on the beach gives you energy, a few hours on the sunbed with a good book heals almost all wounds and the sound of the waves is like music in my ears. I have loved the sea for as long as I can remember and have spent the most beautiful holidays of all time by the sea. An love which never ends, you could say.


The northern Adriatic is particularly popular for a road trip to the sea. The route can be reached by car in a tolerable car journey. You will be rewarded with beautiful sandy beaches and “la dolce vita” as we Austrian children of the 1980’s know and love it. A few days at the beach in Jesolo can easily be combined with a trip to Venice.

The Croatian coast can also be reached easily by car. There are sporting adventures to be enjoyed around the idyllic small town of Zadar. Biking, running and sailing  – and all this in a beautiful location.


Such a break can have a really good effect. Just now, when the weather is messy and cold, reluctant skiers like me hide in warm caves. As hibernation is unfortunately unthinkable, its socially acceptable counterpart is on the plan: Wellness!

Spending the whole day in a cuddly bathrobe, reading, gossiping, sauna – this is the holy trinity for sloths like me. Such a break is, of course, at its best when spent with good friends as a weekend full of gossip and women’s talk makes everyday life tolerable again. When this is crowned with a massage or a beauty treatment, you will feel like new again after a wellness break.


To the airport and off. Discover new things, fall in love with a city, eat your way through the day, get lost and find your way again. Cities are really great. Especially if you are visiting for the first time. As an avowed city flower, I love the anonymous hustle and bustle, the hectic pace of others and the flourishing life. A city trip is, I think, the mother of all travel bites. Within Europe itself, the best destinations are just an hour’s flight away. So leave the office with the trolley bag on Friday and set off on into pure adventure. What are you waiting for?

Well, I think that’s it for my declaration of love for the pleasures of the mini-break. So I will continue to experience Europe in little bites and I am already looking forward to my next break from everyday life. Until I set off again, I will just give another quote from my favourite children’s book and dream of “waves and swells, of sun and wind, from afar, which are full of wonders..”