The ultimate first-aid kit for every type of holiday

Whether wellness or hiking, sauna or sun, bathing or mountain: no matter what is on the agenda this summer, the right first-aid kit is a must for every type of holiday. So that you can enjoy the most beautiful time of the year to the fullest and your holidays don’t turn into a fiasco, here are our most important medical souvenirs for your trip.
Who hasn’t experienced it: as soon as the holiday begins, a suspicious scratching in the throat makes itself felt. And your head suddenly feels as if you’ve been partying for three days straight – even though you’ve already sworn off such a dissolute lifestyle during your time at university. Clearly, it’s not just you who’s gone on a trip, but your immune system, too, has taken off for a few days to a faraway place. This is why you now have to spend your free summer days in a hotel bed with a fever. Or are you regularly among the unlucky ones who return with sunburn and gel stings instead of a summer tan and holiday glow? It doesn’t have to be like that! Here are our tips for the ultimate first-aid kit, so you’re prepared for all eventualities. After all, a holiday is the best time of the year – and you should enjoy it carefree.
Cooldown: deeply relaxed on a wellness holiday
Panting, you cover the last few metres, your gaze fixed on your goal. Finally arrived, you heroically wipe the sweat from your brow while your legs slowly give way and you catch your breath: Who would have thought that the walk from the taxi rank to the hotel entrance would be so intense after all? At any rate, that completes the sports workload for the next few days! Of course, a little exercise is part and parcel of a holiday. For example, when you move your luxurious body from the sauna to the massage room. Or when you move from the dining room to the bar. And flicking through your favourite magazine is bound to burn a calorie or two, isn’t it?
All joking aside: You love to take it down a notch on holiday. And you absolutely deserve it. To keep your pulse in rest mode throughout, a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor and a moisturising after-sun lotion must be in your holiday first-aid kit. Also recommended for a longer trip: eye drops, nasal spray, conventional painkillers for headaches and the like, earplugs and medication for travel sickness and indigestion. With this, nothing stands in the way of undisturbed relaxation – except the arduous metres from the taxi to the hotel entrance.
From blister plasters to mosquito nets: everything for active holidaymakers
Balance on holiday means for you: After intensive trail running, go for a round of climbing to ensure that all extremities are exercised in balanced proportions. After all, no peak is too high, no bike ride too far, no golf course too big: If anyone needs a break here, it’s probably your fitness watch, which is running non-stop. Your first-aid kit should therefore be able to keep up: Blister plasters, waterproof sunscreen and insect repellent are a must so that you are prepared for all your outdoor adventures. Do you also like camping? Then a mosquito net will keep your peace of mind.
And because you are one of the more intrepid people with your urge to move around, you should also pack bandages, wound and healing ointment, disinfectant, plasters, cold compresses, scissors, tweezers and disposable gloves just in case. Better safe than sorry! And before you leave, check how long it has been since your last tick vaccination.
No matter where your journey takes you, once you arrive at your holiday destination, you soak up everything with your senses. As epicureans, you really appreciate good food, aesthetic hotel ambience, idyllic panoramas, picturesque sunsets and exquisite drinks. While others rush from one vantage point to the next, you enjoy the journey. Sometimes, however, you overdo it a bit with the dolce vita: For example, when you go overboard again at the lavish buffet. Your first-aid kit should therefore contain all kinds of remedies against digestive problems and heartburn, as well as probiotics.
Lactase tablets and antihistamines will help with any intolerances if, despite knowing better, you’ve really indulged again. And if you get a little too drunk at the wine tasting, your future self will thank you for a small supply of aspirin in the first-aid kit.
Prepared for emergencies: Family first-aid kit for all incidents
Your holiday can best be described with these three words: colourful, entertaining and eventful. After all, you are never alone on the road but have the whole family with you. On the one hand, that’s nice, but on the other hand, it’s stressful. The youngest has been feeling sick the whole way here, the eldest has just banged her head against the swimming pool and where is the third offspring right now? A family holiday without any incidents: That is about as likely as a white Christmas.
But with the right first-aid kit, you can prevent many travel mishaps and avoid major disasters. A child-friendly sunscreen with a high sun protection factor must be in your bag, as well as a good insect repellent. Fever thermometers and antipyretics, electrolyte preparations, cough and cold remedies and painkillers are also essential. And because the little ones are never deterred from their adventures despite admonitions, plasters, disinfectant, wound ointment, cooling compresses, bandages, scissors and tweezers are of course also a must.
We wish you lots of fun on holiday. Always remember: shark attacks, plane crashes and coconut accidents are much rarer than various horror stories would have us believe. Instead, make sure you drive carefully and don’t forget to grease your car regularly. Here’s to driving away relaxed and coming back again! Header image: (c)