Soundtrack for your relaxed summer road trip 2020

What could be nicer for adventurers and freedom-lovers than a relaxed road trip on almost endless country roads, through picturesque natural landscapes, your favourite people in the passenger or back seat, the wind blowing gently through your hair and, yes, what is actually missing for great happiness? Right, the right soundtrack for the summer road trip adventure. Musicians have always captured the incomparable feeling of freedom of “being on the road” and send us on our travels with unforgettable melodies and lyrics. It doesn’t matter if you discover the USA on the legendary Route 66 or if you are on your way to Croatia or other seaside resorts of our childhood, such as Jesolo, by car. The main thing is to get in the car, face the sun and listen to good music. Let yourself be inspired and go on a relaxed road trip with us:

Elton John – TINY DANCER

The perfect first song on our road trip playlist. “Tiny Dancer” perfectly captures the California lifestyle of the early seventies. Already during the piano intro, you can see the California sun rising on the horizon and feel the wind on your skin as the landscape passes by. By the way, the song was also perfectly staged in the movie “Almost Famous” by cult director Camron Crowe, who is known for his extraordinarily beautiful soundtracks, among other things. So let’s get started!

Beach Boys – I can hear music

A summer playlist without the Beach Boys, the fivefold personified summer feeling, is simply not possible. With this song, we leave the hustle and bustle of the big city and everyday life behind us and just look forward to the sun – with good music of course! “I can hear music, sweet sweet music…”

Kathleen Edwards – SummerLong

A musical declaration of love to the most beautiful time of the year. Life never seems easier than in summer, when the world is open to us, we make plans, discover new things, leave the old behind us and simply let ourselves drift with the warm summer breeze. That’s why we now press pause, catch the moment and wish that summer will never end: “Please don’t let this be summer long…”

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Learning to fly

Already with the first sounds we feel the atmosphere of departure in the song and remember this incomparable time as teenagers, as young adults, fresh out of school and ready to conquer the world for us. As described in the song, we learned to fly, carefree and light and we noticed at once that everything that rises must also come down again – but that is simply part of growing up. Let’s just dare, like we did then, take off and fly towards our dreams!

Donovan – Catch the wind

This beautiful folk song from 1965 pours the flower children’s attitude to life into notes. They dreamed of freedom, peace and a summer of love that never ends. Donovan’s voice also invites you to dream. Let the lightness of the song carry you … “try and catch the wind”.

Otis Redding – (Sittin’ On) The Dock of The Bay

Now we have been on our road trip for a while – time for a break. Best a nice place at the water. A light breeze is blowing around our noses, we blink towards the sun and let our eyes glide relaxed over the expanse of the water – no matter if at a clear mountain lake, at the beach of the ocean or at the bank of a river that is splashing peacefully. Let us enjoy the peace and beauty of the moment with this song on our lips.

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl

Well, ready to go? Then it’s best to put on this song right away, which will already put you in a good mood with the intro. This relaxed love song invites you to party, dance and in any case to sing along: “Shala-la-la-la-la la-di-da!” And now you!

I Nine – Same in any language

One of the best aspects of travelling is getting to know new countries, cultures and people. And very quickly we discover that there is a universal language. How often did it happen to us that although we didn’t know the local language, we immediately established a connection to people we had just met. A smile, for example, is understood everywhere in the world. So take this song with you on your road trip and celebrate the great diversity that our world and the people in it have to offer.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird

Hardly any other song captures the feeling of wanderlust better than this classic from the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd. Many of us know it: first of all, it’s a thought of a place, a city, a country that magically attracts us, no matter if we’ve been there or not. Then finally the longing for the distance, the freedom, grows until finally, we can’t do anything else but to leave and move on like the “Freebird” in the song.

Norah Jones – Sunrise

Did you sleep well? Time to get up – we’ll let the sunrise for you. Everyone who has ever watched a sunrise knows that it radiates very special magic: a new day begins, everything is set to begin and everything seems possible.

Do you see it before you? In the morning, when you open the tent and look at the mountain panorama?

On the beach with your loved ones in your arms, waiting for the first sunrays to appear on the horizon? On the road, after driving all night and the sky is coloured in the most beautiful pastel shades? Then, at the latest, you feel this song in all its gentle beauty…

We wish you lots of fun with this summer road trip soundtrack, a good journey and many great encounters and experiences! If you would like to have even more musical inspiration, we have added more songs for you to our brand new Spotify playlist!