Hotels to fear

When it creaks and cracks and scary giggles can be heard, then it’s probably Halloween again. For those who don’t want to go out, or don’t want to party, we have the classic alternative program: that’s right, a video night! Although, that’s not what it’s called anymore. Movie Night. And we wouldn’t be us if we hadn’t picked out some very special movies for the occasion. Every one of us has been to a hotel that didn’t quite live up to expectations. Therefore, in our Halloween movie tip hotel special, we show you 5 vacations that you definitely don’t want to go on yourself. Because no one gets out of here alive. From classic scary movies to teen idols of yesterday to bloody splatter movies – there’s something for every taste and every level of nerves.

1) The Shining

Shining is a 1980 horror film by Stanley Kubrick starring Jack Nicholson, Danny Lloyd, and Shelley Duvall. In this Stephen King classic, author Jack Nicholson drives to a lonely hotel with his family as janitors. Strange things happen there and he slowly loses his mind.

“The Shining” is considered a great genre homage to the legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick. The various events at the Overlook Hotel inspired generations of cineasts to interpretations. The film, now considered a classic of horror films, was, like many Kubrick films, received a restrained reception when it was released. It was the only one of the great Kubrick films ever to receive no nomination for Oscars or Golden Globes.

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2) I still know what you did last summer

“I still know what you did last summer” is a 1998 splatter movie by Danny Cannon starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. “I still know what you did last summer” is what a killer thinks when he hunts down Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. at a resort in the Bahamas.

The sequel continues one year after the first part. Julie now goes to college and wins a weekend for four people in the Bahamas in a radio contest. When the friends arrive at the resort, they find that they are the only guests. Nevertheless, they try to make the best out of the situation. When Julie sees the words “I still remember what you did last summer”, she immediately realizes that Ben Willis is on the island and is out to get her.

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3) Hostel

“Hostel” is a splatter film by Eli Roth, in which two young men discover that instead of willing models they meet brutal perverts who want nothing but their cruel deaths.

The two Americans Josh and Paxton take a backpacking trip across Europe – always in search of adventure. They are accompanied by the Icelander Oli. After receiving a tip, they travel to a remote Slovakian youth hostel not far from Bratislava, where many young women are also expected to stay. But the hostel is a trap. A dangerous network sells decadent millionaires the opportunity to live out their perversions with impunity. Here they are allowed to torture and kill people without having to fear consequences for their behavior. Josh and Paxton have now become prey themselves, and the organization’s wealthy customers can hardly wait to get their hands on their bloody work.

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4) Identity

Identity is a psychological thriller from 2003 by James Mangold with John Cusack. John Cusack and his girlfriend accidentally end up in a motel, where one by one they die.

In the middle of a dark, stormy night, a decision is to be made about the pardon of the serial killer Malcolm Rivers. At the same time, ten strangers find themselves in a remote motel in the Nevada desert through a chain of strange coincidences. The supposed place of refuge, however, quickly turns out to be a deadly trap. With the first death, the mutual suspicions and the search for the identity of the murderer begin. The strangers, who at first glance have nothing in common, make a disturbing discovery. Slowly they begin to suspect that it was not chance that brought them together, but that a deeper connection exists.

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5. hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania is an animated film from 2012 by Genndy Tartakovsky. In Hotel Transylvania, Count Dracula lets the monsters relax properly until a human backpack tourist appears and falls in love with his daughter of all people.

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With our 5 super scary Halloween movie tips in the hotel edition, nothing stands in the way of a cosy Halloween weekend. Popcorn and blanket ready and off you go.