Creative photo ideas & new perspectives with “Forced Perspective

Summer is just around the corner, many restrictions are slowly being relaxed and we are literally being pulled outside. It may be due to the monotony of the last weeks, but we now go through life with a completely new perception and look at things a little differently. And it is exactly this “looking at things differently” that today’s blog post is about.

Photography is such a wonderful hobby right now because it allows us to discover even old familiar things in a new way, we can pursue it all by ourselves or even more. A safe distance can also be kept when taking pictures and with a few creative ideas, even taking pictures with family and friends on the same picture is no problem.

“Forced Perspective” – what is that?

Forced perspective is about presenting your photo object from a new angle and thus putting it into a new context. Typical here is the interaction of different or even unnatural sizes, created by distance or low shooting angles, as well as the misuse of objects. The result is abstract pictures, which sometimes take you a moment to understand, but always make you smile 🙂

We’ll just show you a few examples, then it will become clear quite quickly what the forced perspective is all about:

There are still many possibilities and countless variations of using forced perspectives, we will introduce you to some of them:

Open your eyes during a walk through the city

For many of us, walking has become a fixed part of our daily routine anyway, so why not look around more consciously next time and pick up a camera or mobile phone? Those who are on the road alone integrate everyday objects into their pictures, those who go for a walk as a couple become without further ado part of the picture composition themselves. So our walks now become photo walks – let’s go exploring!

Distant and yet together

You would like to have a photo with your friends again? You can see your family again, but for a common picture, you would have to get too close? With a forced perspective, you get group pictures despite the safety distance. These two examples show that skillfully:

Give gravity a rest
A popular trick in playing with perspective is also changing the orientation of the image. Would you have recognized at first sight how these pictures were actually taken?

A new look at your home

You already can’t see your apartment? Then try to look at it a bit differently 😉 Also indoor and with everyday objects, you can create fantastic illusions.

These users show you how:

New holiday perspectives

Are you creative enough to put even your holiday moments into a new perspective? Then we even have a lottery for you with the #welcomehomeathomechallenge! The aim is to put your holiday moments in your own four walls in the right light. The prize is a holiday for 2 persons in your favourite Falkensteiner hotel!

With this, you can start again soon! Because from 29 May we will open our doors again and welcome you to a well-deserved holiday at Falkensteiner! All information about the reopening can be found here.