Cancer – an absolute border crosser? Travel horoscope for 2021

All summer children born between June 21 and July 22 were crowned with the zodiac sign Cancer. Characterized by the element of water and the planet Moon, Cancer lives between water and land – between feeling and understanding. Cancers are incredibly sensitive and emotional, but incredibly strong-willed. That’s what makes them so special!

Character – Hardshell, softcore

Strengths and characteristics

Crabs have a strong will and follow through with everything they set their mind to. They always rely on their well-developed intuition. In addition, the water sign has a kind of seventh sense due to its emotional character: Cancerians can sense feelings and moods long before the person concerned knows it himself. If friends and family need their help, they become radical protectors and offer a shoulder to lean on. Cancers are thus loyal companions.


True to the mantra “I feel therefore I am”, Cancer often shows itself moody and oversensitive. If a Cancer was just overjoyed, and he is quick, he can abruptly withdraw into his little house – aka crawl into bed with hot chocolate. This is especially the case with severe criticism, quarrels, discussions, or threats. The Cancer is suspicious of strangers at first anyway, enjoys new acquaintances with caution, and finds it difficult to get to know new people.

TOP 5 vacation spots where Cancers can just be Cancers

It’s the smallest things that mean the most to Cancer. Especially on trips to the sea, lakes, or for wellness – and preferably with a travel companion – they fully blossom.


When you think of Sardinia, you inevitably think of dreamy beaches with crystal-clear water. Hemmed in by gorgeous little bays, Cancer enjoys the breathtaking nature on the Mediterranean to the fullest. As explorers, crabs feel particularly at home here – in addition to relaxing by the sea, they explore the island by car or borrow a bike to just jet off. The crab also likes to experience true culinary delights when feasting.


‘Ripe, ripe, ripe for the island’ sang Peter Cornelius in 1982 and hit the bull’s eye with the crabs. The Maldives, an island paradise on the Indian Ocean, consists of several atolls and over 1000 islands – so as a travel destination and, if you are ripe for the island, the perfect choice. Pure air, untouched nature, and life present themselves in a light-heartedness like the magnificent glitter on the waves of the turquoise sea. Just the right thing for the conflict-shy and harmony-seeking Cancer.

Yukon Territory, Canada

Untouched nature end never, a unique animal world and beautiful lakes pull you here in the spell of the fascination. The Yukon is not an ordinary destination and therefore just the right place for the crab who is always looking for undiscovered areas. Since it is located in the northern part of the hemisphere, it provides spectacular light show in the sky, especially in winter – because here you can observe the northern lights particularly well.


Montenegro has a fascinating diversity in its nature: sandy beaches and the beautiful Adriatic Sea on one side, deep forests, and gorges on the other. Thanks to its small size, the country is easy to get to know within one vacation – explore small towns and remote bays by (rental) car and convince yourself of the beauty of the destination.

Austria – vacation in your own country

Crayfish also like to stay at home sometimes and spend their well-deserved summer vacation at lakes inland. For example, Lake Wörthersee in the south of Austria is a place where water people feel at home. Carinthia’s most famous flagship presents itself in summer as a true water sports paradise! Whether stand up paddling, water skiing, or swimming – the turquoise sparkling water attracts with temperatures up to 27°C degrees, while the small islands and sandy bays in the middle of the lake are waiting to be explored by boat. Biking and hiking trails also invite you to get active. In the evenings, it’s best to enjoy the flair of the lively towns around Lake Wörthersee.


A Cancer should never be underestimated; although it is not one of the loudest and most present contemporaries, it nevertheless asserts itself with its ingenious and strong-willed nature. Always on voyages of discovery, Cancer attaches great importance to memories, which it keeps materially or imaginatively for a long time.