Architectural Insights Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz

In mid-November 2020 the time will finally come: Our Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz opens after only a few months of construction in the beautiful South Tyrol and we are already looking forward to welcoming many guests with a warm “Welcome Home!” in our 5-star Adults-only active hotel.

Dream Team

From a greenfield site to a hotel building, from a basic building idea to the actual implementation – of course, you need true architectural experts to do this. For our latest project, we relied on a “tried and tested” Falkensteiner Dream Team: The Italian star architect Matteo Thun and our hotel-affine interior designer Bea Mitterhofer are in charge of the architecture and design of this new Falkensteiner hotel.


What do architecture and design mean to them? Which inspirations do you need to build a great and attractive hotel? You can find these and many more inspiring answers from the two creative minds in our blog post today:

Mr Thun, what does good architecture mean to you?

Architecture should be timeless and designed to last. It is also important that deconstruction and recycling of materials are taken into account as early as the planning stage.

Bea, what do you attach particular importance to in design in general, but also in hotel projects?

An important principle in hotel construction is: form follows function… And within the functional framework, there is the freedom to make fools of oneself. We at Falkensteiner promise the customer a “Welcome Home”, but this temporary home should be completely different from his own. The ambition of the design is to surprise and inspire our guests and simply to hear them say WOW, to take them where their imagination and courage would not take them.

What do you think, Mr Thun, is important when designing a hotel room/hotel lobby/hotel in general?

When designing a hotel, the guest is at the centre of attention. Is it a business hotel, a wellness hotel or a city hotel? Therefore, for us, the genius loci, the soul of the place, is always decisive for the design.

This leads us to the next question – what inspired you to design the Hotel Kronplatz?

In this 5-star hotel in South Tyrol, everything revolves around sport and nature. The architecture and the interior concept of the four wooden buildings that make up the resort interpret the traditional, local style of the region in a contemporary way.

Bea, do you have a favourite room in the new Kronplatz project that you have taken to your designer heart?

In addition to the many specially designed interiors that will be available at Kronplatz, there is one exterior space that I am particularly fond of. I daydream about our bar/lounge in the inner courtyard, where you can listen to the enchanting sounds of live music on different levels, sheltered from the wind and almost like in an arena, in a super comfortable armchair, while having a cocktail. It is already a magical place in its shell.

Which materials do you, Bea, particularly like and will be used in the Kronplatz project?

The special thing about this project is not the materials themselves, which have perhaps been used and seen many times before. Rather, it is the bravura of the Matteo Thun studio, which knows how to magically put together tasteful compositions from different materials in the most diverse nuances in a unique way. It is the softness and the harmony of the ensemble of colours and textures that make the rooms shine in a natural way.

Unique Mountain Experience

By mountain lovers for mountain lovers – a hotel inspired by the passion of South Tyrolean mountain sports legends, the diversity of the mountains in South Tyrol and the creativity of design star Matteo Thun and Bea Mitterhofer. Convince yourself of the uniqueness of our new hotel, which, thanks to the great commitment of all those involved in the project, will go live from November 19: