Mindful Start into 2022 – More Mindfulness, Less New Year’s Resolutions

Regardless of whether you enjoy celebrating New Year’s Eve or don’t attach much importance to the day, most of us take the end of the year as an opportunity to reflect on the past few months and think about the future. After all, even though every day holds the chance to start something new, there is certain magic inherent in the symbolism of New Year’s Eve.

The end of 2021 in particular has been longed for by many – the stresses and strains of the past few months can still be felt, energy reserves have been used up and hopes for a better year are higher than ever. The problem, however, is that it feels as if every new year is linked to resolutions that have a good intention, but which build up so much pressure and create so much unwillingness right from the start in January that the first failure is recorded with their non-adherence. If you discard set goals at the beginning, the motivation for everything else changes significantly: frustration, doubts about your own stamina, and strength to create something from the inner drive is the result.

However, instead of getting discouraged and falling back into the old, unloved patterns, a conscious focus on positive reinforcement and an indulgent approach to oneself can set the course for the new year. New mindset, new me! In today’s article, you’ll find out which methods can be used to achieve this.

Mindfulness in everyday life

The concept of “mindfulness” originally comes from Buddhism and means devoting oneself to the moment with unrestricted mindfulness. The attention can be on thoughts, emotions, the body feeling, or the environment – and consciously in the here and now. Many everyday actions are performed purposefully, but without paying much attention to them. Eating, for example, is an activity that is often done in passing – in between, in a hurry, while watching TV, looking at the cell phone, etc. Enjoyable eating, on the other hand, is much more than the mere intake of food – individual taste components come to the fore when we feast in peace and surrender fully to the moment.

It is the same with other areas of life. A benevolent resolution for the new year could therefore be: I would like to make an effort to live more consciously. To go through life more mindfully, to listen more to me, and to give me time and space to savor beautiful moments more intensively and also to accept and consciously process difficult days. It is important to be aware of your own thoughts and feelings and not to judge them – there is no right or wrong here, you feel what you feel.

Methods for implementation

Perhaps you have noticed by now what I am getting at. Imposing radical restrictions on yourself or demanding a complete change of life with a New Year’s deadline will usually not make you happy. Losing weight, no more snacking, regular exercise, no smoking, etc. are resolutions that might be healthier for the body, but they put an enormous amount of pressure on it. If the membership in the Fitnesscenter is not used then starting from February any longer, but paid for one year or follows a week chocolate renouncement a nightly Eating Escalation in the kitchen, expectation attitudes are disappointed at itself. What really matters, however, is being in harmony with oneself. Sounds esoteric, but is actually an absolute Self-Love Basic! Don’t work against yourself, but treat yourself with the same empathy that you show to your best friends.

To train yourself to be less self-critical, the following activities can help:

Yoga, journaling/writing down thoughts, sauna or steam bath visits, massages and incense rituals, and meditation. All of these options have a particularly high connection to the moment, you focus on breathing, you can let go of ballast, surrender to the moment, put something down on paper instead of carrying it around with you.

Meditation for the New Year

To visualize ideas, desires, and goals for the future, it may help to go to an undisturbed place of well-being and ask the following questions: What would you like your new year to be like? What would you like to experience? What are you grateful for? What would you like to change?

A podcast with short meditations could help you really calm down. First, create a relaxing atmosphere, close your eyes, and you’re ready to start your thought journey! What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look back at the old year? What memories do you want to let go of? Take a deep breath and consciously exhale. Let the negative thoughts and feelings go.

Now turn to the new year and ask yourself what you wish for the future. Think about beautiful experiences and encounters. Imagine yourself on the way to the fulfillment of your heart’s desires. Feel the anticipation of moments of happiness and enjoy the pleasant feeling.

When you are ready to return to the present, remember that you always carry this joy within you and are able to feel it again and again!