Easter Glam DIY – Marbled Easter Eggs

While it usually can’t be kitschy enough at Christmas, it’s much more difficult to decorate the apartment in a reasonably stylish way when spring comes knocking. Easter is a story of its own – bunnies, chicks, colorful eggs everywhere. So if you’d rather keep things a little low-key and still decorate a few palm kitty branches, get creative yourself.

Today we have a very simple, but still effective DIY for you! For Easter eggs marbling you need only an old bowl, which can then be gone, water, nail polish in the colors of your choice, and of course Easter eggs (here plastic).


Fill a bowl with water – so high that an egg can be dipped easily without hitting the sides!

Carefully drip nail polish on the surface of the water and quickly dip the egg! If you wait too long, a thicker film will form on the water, which you will then have on the egg.

You have several options for the design: for marbling, drop two colors at once into the water, draw short lines with a toothpick and submerge the egg briefly. If you want more texture on the surface of the egg, like the leaf shape in the photo, wait until a film forms and then dip one side of the egg. Works especially well if you’ve already colored the base differently beforehand.

Now simply hang to dry. C’est tout!