Safe winter sports: By far the best winter sports

The winter vacation will look this season differently than otherwise because also in the skiing areas it is called naturally safety measures to follow and distance hold. So that the most beautiful time of the year becomes a success even under changed conditions, we have collected a few sports that you can practice and enjoy far away from large crowds and well-trodden paths!

cross-country skiing

The classic winter sport for all those who prefer to glide through the snowy landscape in a sporty and relaxed manner instead of chasing down the ski slopes time and time again. Cross-country skiing automatically keeps you at a safe distance, and endurance sports are also very popular from a health point of view: all muscle groups are trained, heart and circulation are strengthened and the happiness hormone serotonin is released – and all this with a low risk of injury.

Ski touring

Ski touring is definitely something for ambitious, adventurous winter sports enthusiasts. The mountain is climbed off the groomed slopes on special skis, and afterwards you can enjoy a fantastic downhill run. A fascinating experience in the midst of alpine nature, which lets you feel an intense feeling of freedom. Guided ski tours are recommended for beginners, as there are a few things to consider for this demanding sport so that one is safe on the way.


Untouched winter landscapes, deep snow glistening in the sun, fresh mountain air – snowshoeing allows you to experience the most beautiful sides of the cold season without any previous sporting experience. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the slopes, you will find peace and quiet and pure enjoyment of nature on a leisurely hike. The degree of difficulty can be chosen according to your fitness level!


Tobogganing or sledding is an almost nostalgic winter pleasure, which makes us feel like children again for a short time. A rapid ride down the mountain is simply incomparable fun, no matter how old you are, so it should be on the program for every winter vacation! Especially exciting is the night tobogganing by floodlight or torchlight because in the darkness the snow-covered mountains have a very special charm.

Ice skating

Even away from the mountains and slopes, you can be sporty in winter. One of the most popular and certainly one of the most beautiful activities has always been ice skating, which develops its full charm on natural ice. Under a blue sky and in the freezing cold you can skate on frozen lakes, glide well wrapped up over the ice, and enjoy the winter panorama around you.

And, have you now really got the desire for vacation and winter sports? It does not always have to be skiing or snowboarding. With these alternative activities with a high fun & enjoyment factor, fun in the snow is guaranteed, whether in a small group, in twos, or just alone!