5 trendy sports for summer

Trends come and go. They always emerge when someone has an innovative idea or develops something that is already there. In the sports sector, there is now more than just running, swimming and football. We have summarised for you in this article what is hot in sports in the summer of 2022!
1) Bubble football
Already at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, it was joked that bubble football is the perfect sport for social distancing – since the player’s entire head and upper body are stuck in a transparent rubber ball, there is always a minimum distance to the opponent. This fun sport has gained more attention and popularity and has the potential to really take off in the summer of 2022. The aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible for the opposing team, just like in classic football. The same rules apply as in classic football. With one exception: physical contact is desired in bubble football and is part of the game.
(c) bfgjugend
2) Slackline
Well, slackline per se is not a new sport, but it is trendier than ever this year! Those who like to spend their time outdoors and train their balance will particularly enjoy slacklining. Slacklining” is balancing on taut ropes or belts that are stretched between two fixed points, usually trees. The trendy sport looks simple, but it is not – it takes a lot of practice and skill to actually take a few steps on the slackline. Since the sport is not dangerous, it is also well suited for children. Bonus: The slackline is the only equipment you need for pure fun – and just two fixed points! 😉
3) Aerial Yoga
The combination of relaxation, strength building and floating in the air is what makes this sport unique: Aerial Yoga! Through the scarves suspended from the ceiling or outdoors on branches, yogis can perform poses that are otherwise difficult. Aerial yoga trains balance and the whole body and can even relieve tension, promote blood circulation and improve organ function. Especially in the warm summer months, this trendy sport is a good idea to get sports enthusiasts excited about a new sport that can be done both outdoors and indoors and is relaxing for the body and mind.
Speaking of yoga: SUP yoga is also emerging as a trend for this summer! The abbreviation SUP stands for stand-up paddling, a sport in its own right that has been growing in popularity for some time. It involves paddling while standing on a special board. This type of locomotion is now combined with classic yoga exercises. Basically, “only” the yoga mat is replaced by the paddleboard. Whereby “only” is a bit of an understatement. Because the more or less strong swell can become a real challenge. But that’s what yoga is all about: finding your (inner) balance.
(c) bastien_escofet
4) Wing Surfing
Attention surf fans: This trend sport is just right for you. Wing surfing is not only conquering local lakes, but also parks and large areas. The new trend sport combines surfing with kiting and sailing. All you need is a wing sail, which you hold while you glide across the lake on your surfboard. The special feature: the wing sail is inflated and has several handles. This makes it easier to steer than a kite or windsurfs sail. The sail is also much lighter and easier to steer. And: Wing surfing can also be done on dry land. It is perfect for all beginners who do not dare to go out on the water with a wing sail straight away. Put a longboard or skateboard under your feet and cruise across large open spaces in the city or countryside with the help of the wind.
Tip: As easy as the sport looks, it is challenging – especially for fitness. If you are interested in wing surfing, you should take a course at the beginning to learn how to handle the sail. The right technique will save you a lot of energy!
5) Arrowtag
Paintball was yesterday, Arrowtag aka Archerytag it is! Instead of guns, the game is played with padded bows and arrows, and the popularity of this sport is growing all the time! As in paintball, the aim is to shoot the opposing team out of the field or to hit all 5 spots (targets on the target) of the opponents. Catching an opponent’s dart can also get a player kicked out. It is also possible to “revive” one’s teammates by hitting a spot on the opponent’s target. Arrowtag is suitable for adventurers and as a perfect activity for birthdays or team and work events. In addition, Arrowtag is certainly fun for people who like to plan strategically.
(c) outdoor_center_baumgarten
The list of new, cool trend sports can certainly be continued indefinitely. But it is always important that you find the sport that suits you best. With this in mind, we wish you many wonderful hours of sport in the sun and lots of fun trying it out!