Summer holiday XS

Finally, the parents are awake too. I would have loved to wake them up, but the rule on holiday is not to wake up before 9 a.m. and I can already read the clock. I’ve been waiting for at least half an eternity for us to finally go to breakfast. Today it’s waffles with Nutella and strawberries. My little Falky cuddly toy’s stomach is rumbling just like mine. But before that, I’m sure I’ll have to brush my teeth and put on some sunscreen. I know I have to do that, but I’m just too excited – what am I going to experience today? In my swimming costume, I’m finally off to the breakfast buffet. Very practical, then I can meet my friends by the pool right after lunch and get in the water faster. My new holiday friend is sitting at the next table, our team won the football tournament yesterday.

We have to discuss this again straight away, and I almost forget my Nutella wafer, although it tastes incredibly good.

My parents are still having a coffee, but I’m already allowed to go with my friend to the meeting point for all the Falkys. A few other children and our animators are already there. As soon as all the kids are there, we head off to Falky Land. The first item on the agenda: making postcards ourselves and the best part: we get to send them out right away! I’ll definitely make one for my grandma, and maybe one for my best friend at home. We can decorate our postcards with funny stickers, colourful pens and even glitter. Will the postcards arrive before we get back? Before lunch, we have time for a round of mini golf at the sports field. This is the first time I’ve tried mini golf and it’s not that easy…but with a little help, I can hit the ball. After so much programme and excitement in the morning, I am already really hungry. I’m also looking forward to telling my parents about my experiences. This goes particularly well over a slice of pizza and cool apple juice.

I start the afternoon a little more calmly. First a break on the sun lounger in the shade…at some point, my eyes must have fallen shut and I only woke up again sometime later. But now off to the water! Together with my dad, I have a slide race on the long water slide – I even win twice. The only thing that tops this fun is an ice cream, which we get from the Ice Cream Corner. Strawberry is my favourite, and I think Falky’s is too. After the ice cream, of course, we go for another dip in the cool water, because splashing around is just so much fun, especially together with my new holiday friends. There is a lot going on at the children’s pool and even music is playing.

But I dried off again in time for four o’clock in the afternoon and am ready for the next item on the programme: face painting for children. On the way back to Falky Land, I consult with my friend about which animals we want to turn into. In no time at all I’m transformed into a colourful butterfly, my friend into a wild lioness. I hope the make-up lasts until the evening at the mini disco.

Back at the sun loungers, my parents almost don’t recognise me. We spend a little more time at the pool and I also get a children’s cocktail from the bar, almost like a real “sundowner”, as my parents say. Then it’s off to the room, another shower and then I throw on my pretty green summer dress, which goes perfectly with the butterfly look. The parents still need a little while, I’m already impatient, but I’m allowed to colour in my Falky colouring book. The three of us start off at the restaurant. Before that, we go to the beach, because my mum doesn’t want to miss the sunset. The sea is really glittering and the sun is such a beautiful colour! I’ll tell you about it in my next postcard to Grandma. Dad also takes a photo of the sunset, which I can then show her at home.

But now off to the restaurant, because the evening is still long and I want to be at the mini disco on time. I am allowed to order my own apple juice today. I have practised ordering in English beforehand so that the waitress understands me. Afterward, my mum accompanies me to the buffet. The selection is very large, and I would love to try everything. With my portion of gnocchi, two calamari, and a small bowl of salad, I stop by for dessert – I need to know what I’m leaving room for in my stomach. The chocolate mousse immediately catches my eye.

During dinner, we chat about our experiences during the day and think about whether we should go on an excursion in the next few days – that would be cool! But I’m getting impatient because the mini disco is about to start and I need a good place to dance, preferably next to my girlfriend. At eight o’clock it finally starts with the first song, definitely the Falky Song. The real Falky comes on stage! It goes on full swing and today I learn a new choreography to my favourite song from my holidays. I dance along in the front row and my dad makes a video of me. My dress flutters as I turn in circles and I feel as if I could fly, like a real butterfly. I dance for another whole hour until the last song is played. Back at my parents’, I persuade them to play a game of Uno before the day finally comes to an end and I have to go to bed. Even butterflies need their sleep. I can hardly wait to see what adventures I will have tomorrow. Tired, my eyes fall closed and I dream of water slides and strawberry ice cream.

A day on summer holiday comes to an end…a day on summer holiday from the little ones’ point of view.