Packing my suitcase – 9 tips & tricks for packing suitcases

It is one of the unpleasant, albeit absolutely necessary, tasks before every holiday: packing suitcases. Everyone has their own method. While some people start weeks in advance with a to-do list, others wait until the last minute and quickly pack the essentials into their suitcases shortly before departure. Either way, there’s no getting around it. But with a few tricks, the unpleasant packing of suitcases becomes child’s play, so that the start of your holiday goes smoothly and without stress.

Tip 1: Pack without time pressure

You should definitely plan enough time for packing your suitcase. Theoretically, you can pack your suitcase a few hours before your flight or departure, but then you usually don’t pack properly, you get stressed and if you’re unlucky, you forget something. With enough buffer, you should be able to pack everything in peace – and start your holiday relaxed!

Tip 2: Sort hand luggage and checked luggage

When packing your suitcase, make sure that all the things you might need at short notice end up in your hand luggage. This includes, for example, a charging cable, a book, your passport, and your wallet. However, you should not cram your hand luggage full of these items, because one component is also important so that you pack smartly: Your hand luggage should also contain things that you would not be able to do without if your hand luggage were to get lost. We could think of underwear and a toothbrush, for example.

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Tip 3: Collect your must-haves

Before you start packing your suitcase, collect all the things you want to take with you on a table or on the bed. This will help you with the next tip.

Tip 4: Clothes test

You have chosen beautiful blouses, dresses, and shirts and would love to take them all with you? Then your suitcase will quickly become too small. So before you pack your suitcase, think about how many clothes you would wear every day on holiday. Then you’ll quickly realize that you usually need less than you first wanted to pack!

Tip 5: Use the clearance efficiently

Most suitcases have bumps or grooves at the bottom. These cavities should be used well to get as much as possible into the suitcase. It is best to fill these grooves with socks, tights, and underwear. This creates an even surface for more clothes. Next, place the trousers in the case so that the leg lengths stick out on the side. Now place the T-shirts, pullovers, blouses, etc. on this surface with the straight side against the edge of the suitcase. The surface should be as even as possible.

Then fold in the trouser legs and securely tuck in your clothes underneath to save space. You can fill any small hollows with belts, bikinis, or bras. Finally, you can play “Tetris” with your shoes and toiletry bag – these items are very uneven and should always be packed on top of the clothes and inside each other at the end.

Tip 6: Roll clothes, don’t fold them.

You’ve probably heard this before and it really works. If you roll your clothes in your suitcase, you not only have much more space, but your clothes also creaseless in the suitcase.

Tip 7: Pack liquids safely

We usually pack cosmetics or care liquids in our toiletry bags. However, there is still the risk that the closures will open, and then it will be quite uncomfortable. That’s why you should pack all the liquids you carry in a pressurized bag. Then you are prepared for the worst-case scenario!

Tip 8: Less is more!

Speaking of cosmetics and liquids: Whether it’s shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, or deodorant: either you carry them in your suitcase and lose space, or you have to buy them for more money in your holiday country. This can put pressure on your wallet from time to time. To save space, you can go to the drugstore and choose from a selection of mini products that have been specially developed for traveling.


Thick books, toiletry bags, or jewelry boxes can be heavy, so always stow them at the bottom when packing your suitcase. Why do you have to pack the heaviest things on the bottom first? If you don’t put the heavy pieces of luggage on the bottom, it can quickly become chaotic in your suitcase. Your things will be crumpled by the back and forth and depending on how careful the airport staff is with your luggage, packing it the wrong way can contribute to damage to your suitcase.

The only thing missing to put all these tips into practice is a holiday! So, go ahead and book your summer holiday with Falkensteiner now 🙂

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