Spa-tastic:Wellness adventures for kids at Falky Spa

Wellness with children? Sounds like a contradiction in terms at first, doesn’t it? But even the most energetic kids need a break from their endless adventure mode.
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Many adults regularly long for a wellness break to recharge their batteries. But kindergarten, school or a packed leisure calendar can also cause great stress even in the youngest children. So who says that children can’t also be little connoisseurs?

And in the family hotels of Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences there is a perfect place for this: the Falky Spa. Here, young guests can relax with treatments specially tailored to their needs. From gentle family sauna sessions to child-friendly massages and beauty treatments, everything is on offer. Today we show you our absolute highlights at the Falky Spa:

Massages for relaxing parent-child moments!

At the Falky Spa, children – either alone or together with their parents – can really relax with a pleasant and age-appropriate massage. Cool, isn’t it? Especially as massages actually offer a number of benefits for young spa guests. For example, they promote inner peace and bring balance to the chaos. With regular treatments, children also develop a positive body image and receive a boost for their development. But that’s not all!

Massages improve blood circulation, sharpen concentration and boost the immune system. Babies in particular often become calmer, more attentive and more curious as a result. Massaging certain reflex zones on the hands and feet even supports the metabolism and organ processes. Massages also help to prevent flatulence and colic and strengthen the digestive functions. Which Falky massage is the right one is discussed in detail with the spa therapists in advance.

Treatments for little beauty queens & kings

The Falky Spa also offers a variety of child-friendly beauty treatments that will delight all little guests. From gentle facial treatments to manicures and pedicures – there’s a treatment for every taste. Older children can even choose their own favorite treatment – in consultation with their parents, of course. For instance, how about a refreshing 20-minute “Natural Beauty” facial treatment while you’re on a vacation at the beautiful 5* Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora in Croatia? Or perhaps you’d prefer your first professional manicure and pedicure?

Family sauna retreat

There is another special highlight in the Falky Spa: a family sauna! Young guests can experience a sauna for the first time in moderate temperatures. The textile sauna is also the perfect place for the whole family to relax after an eventful day. As with adults, a sauna session has several positive effects for children. For example, it strengthens the immune system, improves the metabolism and clears the airways. But don’t forget: Hydration is essential! Make sure that your little adventurers drink enough before the sauna to compensate for fluid loss. However, a full meal in advance should be avoided also.


Spa meets ecotainment

Additionally, at Falkensteiner Hotel Montafon in Vorarlberg (Austria), the Falky Spa has something truly special in store. As an eco family hotel, the family spa area has been expanded to include educational elements. Here, little explorers can learn in a playful way at various touchpoints where, for example, the water from the hotel comes from. Animated information is designed to arouse curiosity and impart knowledge through fun. This gives young visitors the opportunity to learn something new and have fun – maybe time between their spa treatments or a sauna session.

All Falky Spas at a glance!

Here, you can enjoy relaxing moments for the whole family:

We promise you: A visit to the Falky Spa will be an unforgettable experience for both children and parents alike!

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