From the travel diary of a Falky – An unforgettable holiday at Kronplatz

Picture of Petra Kurzmann
Petra Kurzmann
Liebt es zu Kochen und sagt nie nein zu Kaffee und Kuchen. Ordnungsverliebt und doch in ihrem eigenem Chaos daheim, gibt es für die Weinviertlerin nichts Schöneres als ihren nächsten Urlaub zu planen. Ob Stadt, Berg oder Meer jede Destination hat für sie ihren Reiz. Und ist sie doch mal zuhause, lässt sie ihre Abende gerne mit einem Buch und einem Glas Wein ausklingen.
Admittedly, the journey from Vienna with a 6-hour drive is quite long. We drive across Austria to the South Tyrolean border, through the Pustertal valley, past the Three Peaks, until we reach the hotel at the foot of the Kronplatz.
Welcome Home at the 5* Adults Only Aktivhotel Kronplatz
As soon as we enter, we feel at home. There is something to discover at every corner. You can train for the next mountain tour on the indoor climbing wall, while you can relax comfortably in the many little niches. The room also leaves nothing to be desired. Actually, we don’t need to go out anymore, but for us, it’s time to explore the area and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Back at the hotel, hunger sets in. Just in time for snack time. With cheese and sausage specialities from the region, as well as an excellent apple strudel, we let the afternoon come to an end.
Before dinner, we throw on our fluffy bathrobes and explore the spa area. Spread over four floors with a hamam, bio sauna, Finnish sauna, sports pool, rooftop pool and lots of loungers, there is something for everyone. Rested and changed, it’s time for dinner. Definitely one of the many highlights at the Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz. We taste our way through dishes whose names we have never heard before and through combinations of ingredients we would never have thought of and experience true taste explosions. The starters are particularly good, served according to the food-sharing principle.
Up the local mountain
Wonderfully rested, we start our day at the breakfast buffet, which truly leaves nothing to be desired. From the classics to freshly prepared Eggs Benedict and waffles, everything is there. We tried to eat our way through everything, but unfortunately, our stay was far too short (one more reason to come back 😉).
Strengthened, we set off on our first hike. The evening before, we got a few tips from Experience Concierge René and decided on the local mountain, the Kronplatz. While most people choose the gondola, we walk. The hiking trail begins directly at the valley station. It goes steeply uphill through forests and small clearings. Even though some of the bends make us think that it must (finally) be the last one and the final stretch is really exhausting, the 360° view rewards us.
Before we take the gondola back down, it gets a bit cultural. We visit the Messner Mountain Museum and the Lumen, a museum for mountain photography. Back at the hotel, we fortify ourselves with an afternoon snack and then relax in the spa. During a guided Hamam ritual and sauna infusion, we work up a sweat and end the evening in the rooftop pool with a view of the Kronplatz and the sunset.
A truly Unique. Mountain. Experience.
Our alarm clock rings early this morning. Before breakfast, we pack up and set off for Pragser Wildsee lake. When we arrive, we are one of the first cars at the car park. We walk around the lake, enjoying the peace and quiet (it can get very crowded here during the day) and wait for the sunrise. And it is truly unique. One mountain after the other is kissed awake by the sun and appears in a golden hue.
After this special morning, a unique experience awaits us in the afternoon. Inspired by the many paragliders flying over the hotel, we also spontaneously signed up for a flight the day before. Again we climb up to the Kronplatz. At the top, our paragliding guides are already waiting for us. It’s a great day for flying, says our guide with a big grin on his face. Sun, temperature, wind, thermals and visibility, everything is perfect. Together we make our way to the runway, between the two museums. Once the harness is on, there is no turning back. We are still waiting for the right wind, our hearts are beating like crazy and then we get the signal to start running. After only three steps we are already in the air and climbing upwards. Sliding into the harness, it feels like sitting comfortably on a couch.
The next 15 minutes are simply indescribable. You feel the wind in your face and the altitude should scare you, but the endorphins make you forget everything. We glide over the treetops and enjoy the view over the Pustertal valley. We take a spin around the hotel before landing on the meadow next door between the cows (who don’t even notice what’s going on 😉). Even days after our stay, we can’t get the grin off our faces when we think back to our paragliding experience at Kronplatz.
We say “Pfiat di” and see you again very soon!
The last day has already arrived. Before we head home, we make a detour to Lake Antholz. It is still quite fresh in the morning and there is frost on the shore of the lake. One last time we enjoy the fresh mountain air and the wonderful view.
Yes, the journey was long, but we were richly rewarded for it. Everything was just right. The South Tyrolean warmth of the staff, the room, the spa area, the food, the area and the many experiences that we will definitely remember forever.
If you too would like to experience such an unforgettable Unique. Mountain. Experience. at Kronplatz, then take a look HERE. See you at Kronplatz!

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