Let’s slide into summer together!

Just over a month to go! Ready to glide into summer? The days are getting longer and the desire for vacations and adventure is getting stronger.

You already know: summer in our resorts always means enjoying the time you deserve, sharing it with whoever you want and spending it at its best, so why not do it with your family? Wonderful memories first to live and then to tell. You can make them while enjoying the beauty around you, even right from the poolside.

Do you feel like taking a dip or diving?

If the desire to catapult yourself towards summer is strong, if you are looking for the light at the end of the typical boredom of the “winter tunnel”, then it’s time to give yourself the right momentum:

3…2…1…SPLASH! – A dive into some of the most beautiful slides in our resorts!

The longest slide in South Tyrol and a record to beat!

Yes, we’re talking about the Falkensteiner Family Resort Lido: here, in the very place where our story began, we know how to make a family vacation perfect. A brand-new water park and Europe’s largest indoor hotel slide will make everyone, but especially your children, dream: slide down at top speed for maximum fun and reach our natural lake as quickly as possible.

Why so fast? To be the first to beat the record! In fact, you can choose to challenge other guests in timed races for an experience you will certainly not forget. The record is 18 seconds and has been unbeaten since December 2021. Can you do any better than that?

A slide to launch altogether, one step away from the sea

Ah, the sun by the pool. Southern warmth. Adventure and fun galore at our Falkensteiner Garden Funimation Club Calabria.
4,000 m2 of water for special family moments: umbrellas and entertainment from morning until sunset. Yes, water is the essential element of our resort, just one step away from the sea.

A very wide slide that embraces everyone: throw yourself down together and in 5 seconds…SPLASH with roaring laughter!

For the older ones, there is a 1000 m2 dedicated to relaxation, perhaps reading a good book and having a chat in peace, while the children will not stop having fun in the Spray Park just behind the slide.

It’s great to see them happy as they climb up, down and dive for hours on end, but unfortunately, we don’t know the secrets of so much energy! Power to the little ones!

A brand new slide overlooking the Adriatic

From this summer, the Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora reopens its doors with a new vacation concept and an extensive makeover. A captivating atmosphere. 3 outdoor swimming pools with slides for an exciting experience and fun for young and old.

A new place to build new 5-star childhood dreams. Slides that…you will discover! For you, from the end of July!

SPLASH..3..2..1.. Are you ready to jump again?

Tauche ein und finde...

Dive in and find...