Why does everyone want to go to South Tyrol now?

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Our Experience Concierge at Kronplatz knows exactly that because he knows the coolest corners!

Yeah, of course, we want it all! – The crystal-clear mountain lakes, scrambling on the summits and capturing the breathtaking views for our Insta-Feed, the Italian dolce vita flair, and a 360-degree enjoyable active experience that is only available in South Tyrol – but above all, we want exclusive insider tips.

And we get them from “the One and Only: Kronplatz’ Experience Concierge René Castagnaro.

And “action”!

Who needs the Grand Canyon?

Clear the stage for the World Heritage Site: the Dolomites. With their steep, rocky walls and high towers, they are known around the globe and cast their spell on us at any time of year. Together with KronAir, René fulfills mankind’s oldest dream: flying. Feel how you slowly move away from the ground, your pulse quickens and you fly sometimes frighteningly low, sometimes highly relaxed past the angular rock faces over craters, and experience the Dolomites from a bird’s eye view. René’s rule: No mobile phones, I’ll take the photos for you with my Go-Pro so you can enjoy every second of this unique experience!

Floating weightlessly above things

Paragliding is the antithesis of par excellence – exciting, but at the same time calm and soothing. Together from the Kronplatz, glide silently down into the valley from an altitude of 2300 m, letting yourself be driven by the thermals and getting your blood pumping. The best thing is that you land right next to our Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz and can immediately digest all the impressions over a delicious snack in the hotel.

Or you are ready for another adventure: The largest zipline in Europe, in St. Virgil? At an altitude of 1,600 meters, you can whiz along the 3-kilometer-long zipline – an experience you will remember for a long time!

Have you ever made a Formula 1 start? Yes, René can really fulfill almost all wishes.

Those Mhhmm moments…

Recently, you have had the opportunity to explore the culinary delights of South Tyrol in the rustic, traditional Stube, which is exclusively for hotel guests. Here you will be served traditional dishes and wine from the region, from “Tirtaln” to “Schlutzkrapfen” and “Keschtn” – you might need a pine schnapps or two to get your digestion going, as they say.

Autumn – a stronghold of South Tyrolean delights

What René also recommends to you is an enjoyable hike, especially now at Törggele time, until the end of November you still have the opportunity to experience this South Tyrolean tradition firsthand.

“Now, in autumn, tourists really get in touch with our South Tyrolean tradition. You will hear the sounds of the Ziehorgel from Buschen taverns and you will truly be fattened up: Appetiser platters, main courses, and desserts like sweet doughnuts with chestnut – you probably won’t need anything to eat for three days,” René raves to us.

René’s tips for foodies

The Genussbunker, a relic from the World War. Here, a tunnel driven into the rock has been converted and is now used for maturing cheese specialties. Our Experience Concierge will be happy to organize a tasting and guided tour in this special ambiance for you!

The highest salmon smokehouse in Europe – yes, you can tell we’re talking about heights. A fish that is actually at home in the depths of the North Atlantic suddenly finds itself in the highest peaks of the Dolomites. “An absolute place to be for gourmets,” says René!

Ok, admittedly we’ve just scratched the surface because there’s much more to experience in South Tyrol than just that – how good that you can approach René directly at the Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz and he’ll share even more of his insider tips with you!

Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz

Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz

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