What motivates us to travel?

Falkensteiner Image Shooting Winter Mountain Nassfeld 2017

For some people traveling is a reward, for others a necessity, for others still a way of life. Setting out on foot, on two or four wheels, on a boat, or in an airplane is something that seems to be written in the DNA of every single individual of the human race, since the dawn of time. The approach to travel has undoubtedly changed over the millennia: if in the beginning man moved out of curiosity and necessity, to find out what the world around him was like, over the centuries travel has been increasingly characterized by the sense of discovery and conquest of new frontiers and trade routes (just think of the great voyages of exploration of the globe) to arrive at the present day in which this theme has reached dimensions and methods that only a hundred years ago might have seemed unthinkable. Today, travel has become a fact of popular culture. People leave to go on holiday, exploring areas of our country that we do not know, or to go to the other side of the planet and experience the thrill of the inverted season (it is nice for many to spend Christmas on a tropical beach). We leave for work and in these cases it often happens that we find ourselves in areas of the planet where we would never have thought of going, thus having the opportunity to discover something new and unexpected. In general, since the second half of the 20th century, people have been traveling for leisure (holidays) and business (business), often arriving at the crossover of the two (bleisure), and above all, they do it en masse.

But what really drives us to go on a trip? Maybe it’s our independent, individualistic spirit, our desire to explore the world, maybe it’s the need to spend quality time with our families, or maybe it’s the need to take a break from the rest of the world as a couple, to rediscover balance and well-being. At Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, we have identified four travel motives for our hotels and resorts. We have dedicated a section of our website to them, and a new icon system to identify and promote them. Let’s see them in detail.

We travel to find Balance and Well-being. We are talking about decelerating one’s psycho-motor activities, of pure and studied relaxation, calibrated to one’s own needs. Slowing down one’s pace means being more aware of one’s surroundings, being able to concentrate, refresh oneself and regain energy. This is one of the four reasons why our guests visit our spa resorts, such as the Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad in the Czech Republic. Here we have a real spa with a medical spa, where you can do rebalancing programs with experts. What could be better than the wonderful sense of well-being that comes from leaving behind the daily routine with all its noise, stress, anxiety, and fatigue? Paradoxically, does it sometimes even deprive us of sleep? Visiting places surrounded by nature, being surprised by the silence of the woods interrupted by the cries of animals, listening to the crashing sound of a night storm, or gazing at an expanse of snow – these are all excellent reasons to set out in search of lost balance. At least, for many of our guests this is the case.

People travel for sport and physical activity. For our guests, keeping fit is a serious motivation to travel. Those who are sporty in their everyday lives want to experience new things on holiday, they want to be supported in their training and perhaps even compete. And that’s why we offer sport in all its forms: the more we do, the more our guests appreciate it! If, for example, you want to spend a whole day climbing in the mountains, perfect your skiing style or play tennis or football, we always respond positively. And we don’t do this by improvising in sports, but we do it by always ensuring the presence of people who play sports at a professional level, from skiing to football, with training sessions led by great sportsmen and women or training teams from important clubs. We have many special events and sports weeks.  Mountain sports enthusiasts will find all the experiences they are looking for in downhill and cross-country skiing – our hotels are located directly on the slopes – as well as guided hikes and bike rides. Golfers, too, will find offers and packages to suit them, and major golf courses in the vicinity of our hotels. For all those who prefer a holiday by the sea, we offer tennis, football, beach volleyball, extensive outdoor sports facilities, and a wide range of water sports, as well as cycling, running, and yoga. In short, people travel for sport, as we can clearly see by how much our guests enjoy physical activity.

We travel to enjoy the pleasures of life. And how could it be otherwise? Some people want to spend quality time on holiday, in quality facilities, eating quality food, enjoying quality treatments, and having experiences that can be defined as exclusive and unique. Imagine a reserved table, perhaps by the sea, a candlelit dinner, an intriguing and original menu proposed by a chef who knows how to combine Asian influences with Mediterranean cuisine. Or imagine yourself suspended in the air, in a cable car, alone, with a dinner served and prepared by a chef from the Alps who knows how to propose the cuisine of the places that guard the seven highest peaks in the world. These are excellent reasons to travel, for those seeking the utmost exclusivity from a holiday. And, as you can imagine, there are many more, linked to wellbeing or exclusive experiences, such as discovering the Venice lagoon on board a prestigious boat that belonged to Pasolini, who also hosted Maria Callas. This experience, for example, can be enjoyed at our Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Jesolo.

Finally, travel in search of Entertainment and Fun. This is the most popular holiday for families. In over 61 years of experience, we have understood how important it is for families to find themselves in facilities that offer tailor-made moments for all the members of the family, and moments to spend together. For some people, the best thing in the world is to be able to relax completely, let go and enjoy the dolce far niente.  For others, the joy of exercise and the desire to engage in various activities is definitely a holiday priority. No problem! Because our hotels and holiday clubs in Europe offer lots of fun and a wide-ranging program of leisure activities, also for families with children. Because if the children are happy, the parents can relax to the fullest.

Our hotels with animation offer a wealth of entertainment activities. Spacious water worlds with giant slides and adventure playgrounds offer plenty of fun and space for our youngest guests. In the colorful Falky-Land, children in the appropriate age group are lovingly and professionally looked after.  A very special moment for the little ones is when they spend time with Falky, our incredible, soft mascot who always makes the children’s eyes sparkle. And adults will also have plenty to do with our entertainment programs. Whether it’s a dance evening with live music, karaoke, or activity workshops, we have something special in store for everyone. And that’s the spirit that runs through every second of an experience at resorts like the Falkensteiner Club Funimation Garden Calabria.

So we talked about the travel motives that we have identified from the requests of our guests. But we’re sure there are many other reasons to travel. Tell us in the comments of this article, on the dedicated post on our Facebook page!