Travel Horoscope 2023: Aquarius

Noncommittal, freedom-loving, fascinated by the unusual, and always looking for the next adventure – where you can find this 2023, we tell you here!

Apart from the fact that Aquarians (21.01 – 19.02) are quite unique and it is never boring with them, they are also the only sign of the zodiac, which is represented exclusively as humans. And not as a mermaid in the well-known Poseidon look, but as a man pouring out water. Yes, yes you are already something very special! 😉

This is what makes Aquarius tick

There are people to whom you simply feel attracted – not necessarily on the emotional level. According to astrologers, there are three zodiac signs that radiate this magnetic aura, and you, dear Aquarians, belong to one of these three (the other two are Scorpio & Taurus)!

Why it is impossible to resist you?

You radiate an extremely positive power and are bursting with individuality. You always seem to be in a good mood and full of optimism. In your environment you spread creativity and joy of life – your friends know that they have found a “partner in crime” for life in you.

…and why you can do it after all: You are unpredictable, even in a moment one thinks to have seen through you, you surprise again – not always positive.

You are reluctant to show your true emotions, which is why you often seem unapproachable and quickly offend those around you. You go with the flow, according to the motto “As it comes, so it comes”, because YOU certainly run after nothing and no one.

Aquarius, let the sunshine in!

Here are your top travel destinations for 2023

As already mentioned, you are driven by your curiosity and prefer to be free of birds; exactly for these reasons your vacation must not be 08/15!

Life and freedom are best celebrated in Mykonos or Ibiza. These two places are a mecca for you and your ecstatic nature – been there, done that? Then off towards Bodrum! 😉

Your craving for adventure, variety, and action will be satisfied in Australia – here you will find everything you need to charge your batteries to your liking. With good Guinness and live music, in Galway, you’ll meet new people pretty quickly with your open-minded nature and have a really good time – promised! This year you can press your edges into the mountain in Ischgl or South Tyrol – because here après-ski parties and dream slopes are waiting for you!

Our travel tips for Aquarius:

City trip: Galway

Summer Vacay: Bodrum | Ibiza | Mykonos

Long Distance Trip: Australia …s/he comes from a Land Down Under

Winter Action: Ischgl | South Tyrol

Amore & Travelbuddies

Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aries are riding the same wave with you and will go along with any crazy thing. If you’re hoping to meet the love of your life on vacation, stick with Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra – these three zodiac signs are your perfect match! If you are looking for an exciting vacation flirt, you have to look for a Scorpio, because, on a physical level, sparks will fly with you!

But beware: In the end, it’s always the feeling that counts, not the star pattern!

Go wild or go home! – Travel activities for Aquarius

You should definitely try paragliding or skydiving this year, while everything around you becomes small, you feel more lightness and the feeling of freedom – looking for freedom, right?

As an Aquarius, you appreciate anything out of the ordinary or whimsical – so how about a night in a tree house?

Hit the Road Jack – Pack your bags and travel buddy and experience an unforgettable road trip – this trip will awaken your spirit of adventure and experimentation!

Have a good trip and reach for the stars!