Scorpio – travel horoscope for 2021

Anyone whose birthday falls between October 24th and November 22nd was born under the astrological sign of Scorpio. What does this mean and what does it say about people’s personalities? What qualities are typical of Scorpio-born people? Read on to find out what makes Scorpio tick and what makes them tick. And most importantly, which travel destinations are a must for Scorpios?

character traits

Scorpios are fierce and individually inclined. They pursue their path with an iron will, without deviating. The Scorpio masters all challenges, come what may. He unites all this in his life motto: “I want to get to the bottom of things! I want intensity! I’m committed!”

Strengths & Specialties:

Proud, headstrong, and fearless are just three positive traits of the Scorpio. What this zodiac sign can do better than any other is analyze everything. He loves to get to the bottom of life’s mysteries.
Scorpio-born people are also rarely afraid of new challenges. They virtually need them in order to feel comfortable. The reason for this is the combative planet Mars, by which this zodiac sign, along with Pluto, is ruled. Not surprisingly, then, he also likes to measure his strength with others once in a while, so as not to get out of shape.


Scorpios are inscrutable, uncompromising, pugnacious, sarcastic, unscrupulous, dogged, jealous, suspicious, and resentful.
The latter can also often be associated with callousness and an unrelenting reaction to a betrayal of any kind. Untruths are like the proverbial red rag to Scorpios. However, a certain lack of emotion tends to come across in other matters as well, which all too often makes it difficult for many people to deal with them. Because they simply do not know how best to react to this behavior.

Top Vacation Destinations

Scorpios should definitely not make the decision about their destination alone if they want to travel with other people. In this way, Scorpios cannot insist on their opinion and grow in themselves. In this case, countries with a clear order, which also have a lot to offer historically, are ideal. Also, the fun factor should not be neglected for a healthy change in everyday life.

South Sweden

To find the inner center should be the travel motto for Scorpios. That goes best in the middle of nowhere, in nature. It doesn’t have to be so far away – instead of Canada, Alaska, or New Zealand, you’ll find enough peace and quiet in Northern Europe. In southern Sweden, for example, you’ll find a real oasis of wilderness and, above all, tranquility in the Småland highlands of southern Sweden. The Store Mosse National Park takes you to the largest bog area in Sweden. Birds will pass by while you hear nothing but the sound of the wind.


There is no other city where you can stroll through the streets, drink mulled wine, enjoy a beer and look at the beautiful architecture like in Prague. The Czech capital Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. This is also testified by its nickname – the Golden City. Prague is also just perfect for a short trip over the weekend, where you have the best starting point for your sightseeing tours with the Falkensteiner Hotel Prague.

Southern Sweden

Scorpios love everything that is mysterious and carries history. Of interest to the Scorpio would be Scotland with its wild unyielding nature, special people, and smoky whiskey. There is a lot of history and culture to discover in Edinburgh. You can also walk in the footsteps of the creation of the novel Harry Potter, which J.K. Rowling wrote here – which, by the way, you can tell right away…


Even if Scorpios usually rather avoid changes, they should also consider a rather unusual destination: mysterious Oman. Here you can still experience the Orient as it once was. Miles of beaches, framed by rugged mountains and behind them, the endless desert – the small Sultanate is ideal for people who are looking for intense experiences. Let yourself be enchanted by the scents and sounds of the souks in Muscat, spend a night under the desert sky, or experience the blooming desert in Dhofar in autumn after the Khareef. Oman will cast its spell on you.


How about just surprising yourself for a change and letting go of your inner adventurer? Ibiza is perfect for this: A place where party, nature, and culture are well combined. The old town of Ibiza exudes hippie vibes, the nightlife lets you really let loose, while the morning after you can comfortably recharge your batteries on the beach. If you don’t feel energized enough, you should climb the Es Vedrà rock. It is said to be the third most magnetic place in the world. It is also said that Es Vedrà is the top of the sunken city of Atlantis.

Es Vedrà, Ibiza
©vasisis_official // Ushuaïa Club, Ibiza

Well then, dear Scorpios – into which adventure will you plunge next?

Falkensteiner Hotel Prague

Falkensteiner Hotel Prague

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