“Outside the box!” – Travel horoscope Sagittarius

Around the world in 80 days is just the beginning for the adventurous Sagittarius. Cliff diving, road trips, or bungee jumping, Sagittarius is an adrenaline junkie and just wants to be free. In the same way, the curious Sagittarius also loves to explore and discover hardly developed an absolute insider tip. In the ninth place in the zodiac, Sagittarius is the adventurers and globetrotters among the zodiac signs. …. And the absolute children of luck, after all, the Happiness Planet Jupiter is their ruler planet watching over them – making every Sagittarius-born a lucky man.
Strengths and peculiarities:
Those born in Sagittarius are absolute optimists and would even face any zombie apocalypse with a chill. They long for pure freedom and need the breath of the big wide world. Although Sagittarians have their birthday in the coldest season of the year, they are passionate, warm-hearted, and energetic, so they can easily carry away and inspire those around them. The energetic zodiac sign is always ready to go and likes to entertain friends and acquaintances with its humor.
The flip side:
The “lucky streak for life” (thank you, Jupiter!) provides a flight of fancy every now and then – then you get to know the carefree, frivolous and boastful side of Sagittarius. Here the circle of friends and family is needed to bring the Sagittarius back down to earth. Sagittarians can forget to think before they speak, leading to awkwardness at best and damaged friendships at worst.


Sagittarians are true globetrotters and philanthropists – they love undiscovered places, foreign cultures, and wild untouched nature. Travel must be adventurous to excite them. In the coming year, more than ever, Sagittarius needs the fast-paced lifestyle overflowing with new impressions that they love so much.
Ever heard of it? No?! This is an absolute insider tip and only does justice to the immense curiosity of the shooter: from the Austrian border, it is only a few hours by car to the Slovenian Karst high above the Gulf of Trieste. The sea in sight. Mediterranean climate. Untouched nature and the wildest experiences at any time of the year: Canyoning fans will get their money’s worth in the hidden gorges of Bohinj. Shooters can get the necessary adrenaline kick by cycling through the tunnels or racing down the most daring zipline in Slovenia.
© lakebohinj / Lake Bohinj, Slovenia
© ancagrovu // Vama Veche, Romania
Completely underestimated and therefore just the right thing for all shooters; Romania has probably no one on the screen; when it comes to vacation. But this Eastern European country is also an insider tip for Sagittarians. While half the world is talking about Ibiza, people born in Sagittarius have their eyes on Vama Veche: Vama what? – you ask?! In the lively boho and intellectual scene of Vama Veche – a small village by the sea, the outgoing and intellectual Sagittarius can easily find new acquaintances who can broaden his horizons again. A place where party, nature, and culture form a perfect symbiosis.
Maximum freedom! Whatever boredom means, it is forbidden at Kronplatz! A new world to discover for shooters: the whole mountain world within reach, just for you and with perfect slopes. Sagittarians love the challenge, the adventure, and the feeling of endless happiness. Here in South Tyrol they can live their passion and follow your urge for adrenaline. Whether paragliding, on the zipline, swinging on the giant swing of Bruneck, heliski, or Heli snowboard also ice bathing – and climbing is completely in the sense of adventure of the shooters.
© skyscraper_kronplatz