Above the clouds – Destination Love Kronplatz

Kronplatz is more than just a mountain – Kronplatz is more than just a ski resort!

Also in summer, the panoramic mountain, which forms the border between Val Pusteria and Val Badia, offers plenty of excursion destinations to decorate your vacation with unique experiences. From relaxing hikes, mountain bike trails, museums, events on the summit, or a flight above the clouds, everything can be found here.

© IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige/Hansi Heckmair
In the pleasure of the panoramic mountain Kronplatz

A view into the distance drawn by countless mountain peaks of the main ridge of the Alps and the Dolomites, in the nose the scent of fresh meadows and blooming flowers and enjoying the tranquility of nature. This is not describing a dream, but the experience of a hike at Kronplatz.

The Corones circuit offers the perfect opportunity to get to know the Kronplatz from all sides. For the hike, you need about 3h, whereby the entire hike goes along the summit of Kronplatz. After arriving at the summit by cable car, the hike already starts at the first highlight, the Concordia Peace Bell. For the small hunger, there are several refreshment stops along the hike, where you can enjoy the view and let your soul dangle.

On the bike, ready, go!

Attention all sporty active people! Those who love mountain biking are probably in paradise at Kronplatz. As soon as you’ve decided on one of the 18 routes, you’re off. The adrenaline kicks in and all you can hear is the wind whistling around your ears. The routes have different difficulties and all but two can be reached by cable car from the valley station. Bikes and protective equipment can also be rented in various rental shops around Kronplatz. So nothing stands in the way of your ride – get on your bike and go!

In the air high above the Puster Valley

If biking is too strenuous for you, a tandem flight is just the right thing. After just a few meters of walking, you’ll be soaring over the Pustertal Valley and the treetops. While you let yourself be carried down into the valley by the winds and the air, you can admire the panorama from a bird’s eye view. To enjoy this experience, you will be accompanied by a paragliding specialist during the flight, who will ensure a smooth flight.

Swinging above the mountain peaks of the Puster Valley

Ever swung at an altitude of 2,275 m? The giant swing at the top of Plan de Corones makes it possible. After arriving at the top station with the cable car, the 15 m high swing already catches your eye when you get off. After being pulled up to a height of 15 m by the winch, you then have to take the final step yourself and disengage. As soon as you have released yourself, you glide out over the Kronplatz on two steel cables. Have a good flight!

Pure refreshment in the mountain waters

Who has not heard of the famous Pragser Wildsee in the Pustertal valley? This lake is truly a beauty, of which there is not only this one in South Tyrol. There are many more such beautiful lakes in South Tyrol, which are not yet so well known and therefore you can still find quiet moments there to enjoy the beauty of the waters. One of them is the Antholzer See. This is not located directly on the Kronplatz, but in a small side valley, but from where you can also reach the Kronplatz. Near this mountain lake is also the famous biathlon center Antholz.

Another lake worth seeing is Lake Dürren in the Puster Valley. This is located in the Höhlenstein Valley at 1,400 meters. This lake is one of the warmest mountain lakes in Pustertal, which is why it is a very popular destination for families. The turquoise waters are one of the highest bathing lakes in Europe, which also offers a pebble beach and a restaurant. Those who like to stretch their feet a bit can easily walk around the lake and admire and enjoy its beauty from different perspectives.

MMM Ripa in Brunico Castle

Bruneck Castle can be found on the outskirts of Bruneck in the direction of Reischach above the roofs of the city. The imposing castle was renovated from 2009 to 2011 and the MMM – Messner Mountain Museum was founded in the rooms of the castle. The museum in Bruneck Castle is only one of six museums that together form a mountain museum. Another MMM can be found on the top of Plan de Corones, the MMM Corones. The museums tell the story of the mountains, but also stories of the world-famous South Tyrolean climber Reinhold Messner, who initiated this project.

Here are the six museums with their locations listed again:

  • MMM Firmian – Sigmundskron Castle near Bolzano
  • MMM Juval – Juval Castle near Naturno
  • MMM Dolomites – Monte Rite in a fort from the First World War
  • MMM Ortles – below the Ortler in Sulden
  • MMM Ripa – Brunico Castle
  • MMM Corones – Kronplatz
Active and relaxation as a total package

Our 5-star Falkensteiner Aktiv Hotel Kronplatz is located directly at the foot of the mountain in the village of Reischach. The mountain railroad to get to the top of Kronplatz is only about 150 meters from the hotel. The hotel, which consists of four buildings, each assigned to a season, offers the possibility to combine sports, culinary, relaxation, and enjoyment all year round. We always welcome you! 😊

At Kronplatz, boredom is clearly a foreign word. There is something for everyone, with which you can make your vacation even more unforgettable. Nothing stands in the way of a vacation in South Tyrol, so get in the car, put on your sports gear and head for adventure – Kronplatz is waiting for you!