57 days holiday?

57 days holiday?

Slowly but surely the year is drawing to a close and it is time to think about the next year’s holiday. With some little tricks and skilful planning, you will get up to 57 free days in 2019:

In order to reach your goal, you should include holidays as much as possible in your planning. Get going soon after the turn of the year.

It gets going with the New Year, which falls on a Tuesday. So you need 3 days of holiday to have 6 days free. Winter is screaming officially for the mountains, is it not? A few days on skis with friends or family should do it for you.

The spring
Easter falls very late this year at the end of April. However, this has the advantage that 1st May – which next year falls on a Wednesday – is pretty close and thus 8 days of holiday are enough to have twice as long free. Moreover with 16 free days, you can start something good. Such as to explore the wonderful spring on Sardinia.

At the end of May, Ascension Day will take place, which will fall on Thursday as usual and if you make yourselves free on 31st May, there is nothing in the way of the extended weekend. The long Whitsun weekend brings us a free Monday on 9th June. With Corpus Christi, another long weekend awaits on the 20th June.  So expect a whole 11 free days in this time with 5 days of holiday.

As Assumption Day falls every year in August, this year being on a Thursday and returns 4 days of free time or 9 days with one day of holiday , if you are prepared to sacrifice 4 days of holiday. Thus, there is nothing in the way of a getaway to the sea.

October / November
The Austrian National Holiday in October is unfortunately a Saturday but All Saints’ Day falls favorably on a Friday. If you want to escape the mostly cloudy autumn, you can therefore consider taking 4 holiday days, to have 9 days to enjoy the last rays of sun in the south or to take a wellness break.

Christmas awaits us in the middle of the week in 2019, so you can stay home for 5 days if you take a holiday on Friday 27th December. If you have more days of holiday left at the end of the year, you can spend more than two weeks at home with 7 days of holiday (if you need to work on the 24th and 31st December) up until 7th January.

So use the holidays provided to get the maximum free time with just a few days of holiday! However, if you were a bit too slow this year and could not prevail against the colleagues in the office: do not be sad,  you can really save money at less popular travel times and get the more luxurious room for the same price 😉