Who to follow – 5 inspirational Instagram accounts “Deceleration”

When it comes to Instagram as a source of inspiration, our journey through the Falkensteiner Travel Motives today takes us to the important topic of deceleration. Here are our top 5 accounts that offer added value in terms of mindfulness and wholeness.

Life consists of moments and small eternities.
– Ernst Ferstl


Take a break from everyday life, recharge your batteries and find your center. In modern society, many people long for deceleration and deep relaxation. Our hotel’s own Acquapura SPAS offers guests seeking relaxation a high-quality range of wellness and cosmetic treatments with specially designed applications and a holistic, preventive health concept for body, mind, and soul with a lasting learning effect for the home. Our philosophy is based on the areas of regeneration and prevention – a holistic, conscious lifestyle is the prerequisite for health and balance in everyday life.

If you’re always longing for a little time out from the daily grind, these accounts can give you a good push to allow yourself a few minutes of me-time each day. Whether it’s mindfulness exercises like meditation, journaling or positive affirmations, yoga or podcast, and reading tips – be inspired by the positive outlook on life that the following influencers or posts convey:

  1. Mady Morrison, a luminary on the yoga mat, provides you with a variety of flows. She shares beautiful pictures and thoughts on Instagram, great videos for every skill level on Youtube.
  2. The account of Valerie Husemann radiates positive vibes only! Here you get wonderful inputs on how to deal with your own emotions and thoughts – self-reflection as the key to inner balance.
  3. Speaking of good thoughts – the page ‘Moon Omens‘ provides you with daily thought-provoking impulses and good affirmations. As the name suggests, always related to moon phases and star constellations. Interesting and very supportive 😉
  4. Viktoria Fukazawa also deals with the topics of mindfulness, empowerment, and meditation. In addition, there is Reiki and conscious being.
  5. Laura Malina Seiler describes herself as “Just a human being on a spiritual journey” and has already founded a podcast, an app, and the Rise Up & Shine Uni on this. Mindfulness on multiple levels – it’s worth a click!