Namasté for your face: Our Face Yoga Guide

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Yoga for the face? As the name suggests, Face Yoga is about gymnastic exercises, i.e. “sporty” exercises for the face. The numerous facial muscles are trained and thus premature skin ageing, tension and stress are prevented, and the lymph flow and blood circulation are stimulated. Nothing stands in the way of a rosy & fresh face. Our little Face Yoga 1×1 shows you how to easily do the appropriate relaxation exercises at home.
Preparation is half the battle
Before you start, you should do some quick preparations:
  • Take your time, it will take you about 20-30 minutes
  • The ideal time is in the morning or in the evening. Before or after your skincare routine and ideally without make-up.
  • Wash your hands and face thoroughly.
  • Especially at the beginning, it can help to do the exercises in front of a mirror with enough light so that you develop a feeling for the muscles and the right movements.
A little tip in advance: you can really exaggerate your facial expressions! For a short moment, this tenses the muscles and that’s exactly what helps in the end.
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Step 1:

Neck and face massage
You should start with a neck and face massage to stimulate blood circulation. A facial oil (pure coconut or almond oil also works) or a day/night cream is perfect as a base so that the fingertips glide well over the face. Sweep along the neck from bottom to top, up to the chin. The same works for the cheeks: With gentle pressure, stroke from the earlobe to the chin. The massage also stimulates the lymphatic fluids. These transport deposits and toxins out of the tissues, relieving facial swelling. [5-10 minutes daily]
For even more detailed instructions, you can find numerous videos on YouTube, but here is one of our recommendations: Pro-Tip: You can also use a jade roller or a gua-sha stone for the massage. You can get one of these in every drugstore nowadays. We have also selected a short tutorial for you here:

Step 2:

Face Yoga Exercises
  • #1 The Fish-Face
Suck in your cheeks as if creating a vacuum in your mouth, pucker your lips to do this. This exercise is designed to make your cheekbones stand out more when done regularly. [Hold for 10 seconds | repeat 5 times daily]
  • #2 The Lion-Face
Push your chin down towards your neck. Then stick your tongue out wide and hold this position briefly. The lion ensures a beautifully angular & defined chin line. [Hold for 10 seconds | repeat 1x daily]
Das Fish-Face // (c)
Das Lion-Face // (c)
  • #3 The O
Form an O with your open mouth, hiding your teeth behind your lips. Then try to smile as wide as possible. (The teeth should remain hidden) [Repeat the smile in the O position 6 times daily.]
  • #4 Chewing gum
Another exercise that can be easily included in everyday life is chewing gum. (Sugar-free, of course!). Chewing works at least as well as sit-ups for your stomach and builds muscles in the lower part of the face. Goodbye chubby cheeks!
Das O // (c)
  • #5 Mouthwash exercise
Last but not least. Pretend to have water in your mouth and rinse it vigorously. Press your lips together firmly. Insider tip: If it’s easier for you, you can also just use water for the exercise. [Rinse for 30 seconds | repeat once a day]

Step 3:

The extra mile – nutrition & sleep!
For a radiant face, you not only need a little workout but also the right diet is important. Here are a few things you should pay attention to in addition:
  1. Drink enough water: Water helps to flush excess toxins out of your organism
  2. No alcohol: Alcohol dries out the body & therefore leads to water retention. Without it, your face will look less bloated
  3. Less salt & sugar: Salt & sugar have similar effects as alcohol. Reducing them will help your face look less puffy
  4. Enough sleep: 7-8 hours of sleep also helps to avoid a swollen face.
From head to toe
If relaxation is written all over your face, that’s a good start. To relieve the rest of your body of stress, our hotels have spa treatments for you that are individually tailored to the region. With the Acquapura Spa Break Package, you even have 30 minutes of treatment included. As we all know, a little stress-detox-holiday hurt nobody.