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You’ve never heard the name before? Then read on quickly!

Where others go on holiday, sweat, get massaged, beautify themselves, and simply relax – yes, this is the workplace of Erika Plankensteiner, the spa manager at the 5-star Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz, in South Tyrol.

Erika chats with us about wellness trends, DIY face masks, South Tyrolean Prosecco, and where to feel closest to heaven in the Acquapura Mountain Spa.

  • There are already a few recipes for DIY face masks, but which one do you actually swear by?

Mix coffee grounds with olive oil and honey! Coffee wakes up tired skin, just apply, leave on for 10 minutes, done. The mask promotes circulation, refreshes, and rejuvenates. If you leave out the honey, it can also be used as a body scrub.

  • Which treatments are booked more often than others at Acquapura Mountain Spa – do you see a trend here?

Almost everything these days is stressful, you just rush from work appointments to private appointments, and on the side, you have to deal with everyday life at home. Fortunately, more and more people are realizing that this is not good for them in the long run and are consciously taking time out. They seek compensation in nature, sports, or relaxation in spas. That’s why more and more treatments are being booked here at Kronplatz that support this search for less stress. Everything that helps people let go is currently the focus of spa guests. However, women and men want to be well-groomed at the same time, which is why facial treatments with an immediate anti-aging effect and excellent, especially organic products are very popular.

  • What makes the Acquapura Mountain SPA at the Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz so special? What role does the impressive mountain world play here?

The 4 mountain elements are the guiding principles of the Acquapura Mountain Spa – sunshine, spring water, mountain air and rock form the Unique.Mountain.Experience: a unique experience on 4 floors and an unmistakable concept, in my opinion. You encounter the four elements everywhere, in the relaxation and treatment rooms, in treatments, in colors and shapes. The mountain rock is used on the climbing wall as well as in the hamam and inspires all our guests.

  • Why should you definitely visit the hamam?

I love the hamam! “Warmth and bathing” – this meaning alone awakens pleasant feelings in me. This oriental bathing ritual not only serves to intensively cleanse the body, but also the soul. Warm temperatures, fragrances, foam, and hot showers invite you to this ceremony.

If you then book one of our Hamam treatments, e.g. a soap foam massage, you are close to heaven.

  • What special features await guests at the Private Spa?

Our Private Spa is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy some togetherness. The beautiful design is equipped with a Finnish sauna, a cozy corner, and two massage loungers. The time for two begins with a soothing treatment and South Tyrolean Prosecco and homemade delicacies can then be indulged in, what could be better?!

  • What are the current beauty/wellness trends that you also take up in the hotel?

In general, many guests are focusing on sustainability, also in the beauty sector. This topic is also close to our hearts, which is why we are implementing it more and more. The focus is also on organic cosmetics. With our spa partners from Pharmos and Vitalis, we are in line with the trend here.

Because life is simply too short for later, you should plan your next holiday at the 5-star Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz right now and save up to 15%!

Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz

Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz

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