Summer beauty tips for skin and hair

Balmy summer evenings, vacation feeling, airy clothes, and ice cream until you drop, you just have to love summer. But while we enjoy the most beautiful time of the year to the fullest, our skin and hair are particularly stressed by the sun, heat, and high humidity. But with a few little tips & tricks, you can shine with the sun.

Summer beauty tips for the skin:


  • Miracle cure baby powder

What could be better than a relaxing day at the beach? If there were not always the “annoying” sand, which, through sunscreen and sweat, sticks everywhere on the body. A little baby powder can help here. Apply a little of the powder on the affected areas and in no time the sand is gone.

But not only on the beach baby powder is a real miracle cure. Also, by the summer heat, chafing thighs helps the powder, so that the legs do not stick together.

  • Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

If despite all caution, sunbathing was a bit too long, it helps to cool and moisturize the reddened areas. Aloe vera ice cubes offer the best combination of both in this case. Simply put the anti-inflammatory gel of the aloe vera plant into ice cube molds, let it freeze, and then apply to the affected areas.

  • Deodorant for the feet

The new summer shoes are fantastically beautiful but press properly. Often blisters develop because moisture forms due to sweat, causing friction. Deodorants can help against this. Apply a deodorant roller to the affected areas. This removes the moisture and cares for the pressure points. In addition, deodorant on the feet provides a special freshness kick and great smell.

Summer beauty tips for hair:

  • Rinse hair

Chlorine and saltwater in particular attack the structure of the hair and cause it to dry out. But this can be counteracted with a simple trick: Before jumping into the cool water, rinse the hair with tap water. Thus, the hair absorbs water beforehand and can no longer absorb such large amounts of chlorine and saltwater.

  • Blonde hair with tomato juice

Sunlight, sand, saltwater, and chlorine stress the hair deep into the roots and cause it to fade. Especially blond colored hair suffers in the summer, quickly becomes dull, and can even get a slight green tint. Tomato juice helps against this. Massage it into the hair like a conditioner, leave it on for a short time and then wash it with shampoo as usual. The blond shines in its usual splendor.

  • Sun hat

So simple, but really helpful, the sun hat. UV light not only causes our hair to become brittle but can also lead to unsightly sunburns on the scalp. Sun hats, light scarves, or caps offer ideal protection here. And for all those who don’t have any headgear at hand or are still looking for the perfect summer hat, it is advisable to change their parting every now and then. This prevents the sun from always hitting the same spot.

With all the many beautiful summer tips, this one remains the absolute number 1: drink, drink, drink! Especially on hot days, when the body produces more sweat to cool itself, it is important to drink enough fluids. The best way to do this is with water, refreshing teas (e.g. mint), or fruit containing water, such as melons. Drinking not only provides the body with sufficient fluids but also gives you a fresh complexion. This is how to enjoy the summer.