To camp or not to camp – That’s the question

Have you ever thought about camping on vacation? Did it scare you or did you start to revel in it? We think Camping: Yes! Because this form of travel is the perfect mix of relaxation and active vacation – so very classy! To help you decide for your next vacation, we have compiled five camping clichés:

The wilderness calls

With a trekking backpack on your back and a tent strapped around you, off through the forest – that’s what camping is all about, old school and natural. Maybe you’ll be lucky and see a deer jumping by or a squirrel looking for nuts for the winter bacon. But before you can enjoy nature, it’s time to pitch your tent. Of course, it’s best if the result is stable and storm-proof. …if it comes to the first test run immediately to the demolition, that is rather suboptimal…

After this vacation, it’s straight to physiotherapy

One night in a sleeping bag on the ground may not be a problem… But in the long run?! – Suffers there yes every back under the camping experience. The hard undersurface invites more to toss and turning than to a relaxed sleep – and that despite a good portion of fresh air. The mattress soon seems like a sanctuary here, and the slatted frame becomes the grail. Glamper (glamourous camper) one would have to be… because as one bed, so one lies – in luxury or completely earthy.

Hello, we are the new ones from next door!

There are two versions of neighbors at the campsite. The ones you really learn to love – and with whom you’d love to go on the trail together again the next time you go camping. Or – horror scenario – those who snore through the whole night with their noses turned up and then celebrate their breakfast loudly the next day (when it’s finally so quiet that you can fall asleep yourself). Since you can really only wish a good night…

Food a là camping stove?

A camping stove is part of the equipment of every self-respecting camper. A fireplace is quite romantic and creates the perfect ambience, but it can be quite a hassle for cooking – especially for beginners. A time out with a camping stove, however, is dominated by canned food. Food a là carte can only be wished for here… But if you’ve ever tried glamping, you know that there are a lot more possibilities. If even the stars are fascinated by the glamping vacation, then you can only imagine a waiter in black livery and from caviar to truffles all-inclusive – right? Here it’s probably, try it out and convince yourself…

Bath day

A brief flare-up of shame. That’s right, we’re talking about communal showers. There are two solutions there: Get over yourself or indulge. When looking for camping accommodations, there are quite a few options that go far beyond a tent… Small cabins that invite you to relax and are equipped with every comfort are a luxury option – that will definitely pay off! (Even with the shower question…)

And now, how does it look? Has the desire for camping awakened, the love for glamping arisen or does the camping flair rather not impress you? Think about how you imagine your next vacation. Maybe even with us at the Falkensteiner Premium Campsite in Zadar 🙂