Mariánské Lázně celebrates World Cancer Day

In the blink of an eye, everything changes. A cancer diagnosis not only significantly changes the life of the person affected, but also causes a range of emotions among friends and family. To ensure that this terrible disease is given sufficient attention, the annual World Cancer Day has set itself the goal of raising public awareness of prevention, research, and treatment. The day is intended to encourage people to inform themselves in good time about the possibilities of prevention and early detection. Fortunately, thanks to preventive examinations and the like, diseases can be detected at an early stage and serious courses of disease can be prevented.

A sign of awareness, creating awareness, are the different ribbons that exist for this purpose. In the course of writing the article, I wondered how many different ribbon colors there are in relation to cancer awareness? You definitely see a few more often than quite a few others. Pink for breast cancer, blue for prostate cancer are well known, but would you have known how many there are in total? There are a whopping 25 different colors and one color is even in honor of caregivers, see for yourself:

  • Pink – breast cancer
  • Light blue – prostate cancer
  • Orchid – testicular cancer
  • Black – skin cancer
  • White – lung cancer
  • Gold – childhood cancer
  • Green – kidney cancer
  • Lemon-green – lymph gland cancer
  • Purple – leiomyosarcoma
  • Lavender – All cancers
  • Gray – Brain tumor
  • Dark blue – Colon cancer
  • Yellow – Bladder cancer
  • Dark yellow – bone tumor
  • Petrol/White – Cervical cancer
  • Lavender blue – esophageal cancer
  • Burgundy/ivory – head and neck cancer
  • Purple – In honor of caregivers
  • Orange – Leukemia
  • Apricot – Uterine cancer
  • Emerald – Liver cancer
  • Bordeaux red – Multiple myeloma
  • Pastel blue – Stomach cancer
  • Purple – pancreatic cancer
  • Petrol – ovarian cancer

In addition to prevention, aftercare also plays an important role. After all, once cancer has been conquered, the patient is usually left with a deep sense of exhaustion. Such an illness not only demands maximum physical performance from those affected but also pushes them to their mental limits. The way back to normal life is therefore often a challenge. This is precisely where the holistic Facing Forward program at Falkensteiner Spa Resort Marienbad comes in. It supports people who have overcome cancer on their way back to a good attitude to life and body. Overall, the total of 22 treatments are based on three pillars:

  • the strengthening of the immune system
  • the support of physical convalescence
  • the increase the inner well-being.

This ensures holistic aftercare.

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