Fascination Dachstein Glacier

„Über den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein“, Reinhard Mey already sang this in the 80s. And anyone who has ever been to the Dachstein glacier knows that this is indeed true. At 2,700 metres, the Dachstein Glacier is the highest and most imposing mountain in Styria and one of the most beautiful destinations in Schladming. Which attractions round off your perfect mountain experience and what awaits you on the Dachstein Glacier, you will find out in the following article:

But in order to enjoy the great panorama at all, you have to climb up the mountain first of course. The first highlight of the Dachstein awaits you:

Dachstein panorama gondola

With the all-round glazed Dachstein panorama gondola, the ascent to the Dachstein Glacier is a true experience and the 360° view leaves nothing to be desired. The 43km/h fast ascent is especially fun if you use the gondola’s balcony. Yes, then one really stands outside and can feel the pleasure by letting the wind blow around one’s ears!

Good to know: During the summer months from May to September, it is absolutely necessary to reserve the gondola!

Suspension bridge & stairs to nowhere

After a 10-minute ride with the panorama gondola, you have reached the glacier and the next highlight is waiting for you immediately: Austria’s highest suspension bridge! The approximately 1 meter wide and 100-meter long bridge can withstand wind forces of up to 250 km/h, can carry loads of up to 750 kilograms per square meter of snow mass and has a gradient of 12%. In addition, after entering the bridge there is a depth of about 400 meters below you. Quite dizzying, but certainly an adrenaline rush. But don’t worry: But the 1.3-meter high railing and numerous steel ropes ensure absolute safety.

Tip: Good shoes and warm clothes are recommended for the visit!

© David McConaghy

Those who have ventured to the end of the suspension bridge now have the opportunity to venture onto the “stairs to nowhere”. Here you can experience the unique feeling of floating freely in the air and still be safe. Besides the breathtaking view over the region, the stairway to nowhere is perfect for a great Insta photo ????




Ice Palace

After the high-altitude adventure over the suspension bridge and the detour on the stairs into nothingness, you can immediately enjoy a visit to the Ice Palace, which is only a 3-minute walk from the top station of the Dachstein Glacier Lift and is open to visitors every day. The Ice Palace, built-in 2007, will transport you to a mystical world of ice and snow deep inside the Dachstein Glacier. With faithfully carved figures, ice columns and a crystal dome, the Ice Palace, six metres below the perpetual ice, will cause great amazement.

©Christoph Huber
©Christoph Huber
©Christoph Huber


Welcome to the Dachstein Sky Walk, the most spectacular viewing platform in the Alps! No, this is certainly not exaggerated 🙂 Thanks to a glass platform, the 250-metre vertically sloping rock face of the Hunerkogel can be perfectly experienced by everyone. But that’s not all, on cloudless days you can actually see as far as Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Fun Fact: Since the Dachstein Sky Walk is 2700 m above the seafloor, the platform is much higher than, for example, the viewing platform at Niagara Falls or the Iguazú Waterfalls in Brazil.

©Renè Eduard Perhab

Other attractions

  • Sunrise Breakfast: For those who want to treat themselves to something special until the end of August, we recommend the Sunrise Breakfast directly in the Dachstein Glacier Restaurant. A rich breakfast buffet provides you with enough energy to enjoy the highlights of the Dachstein Glacier afterwards. Due to the high demand, we strongly recommend a reservation.
  • Sunset fondue: From September on, there is also a culinary delicacy for all those who are not early risers 🙂 If you are still hungry for more after visiting all the glacier attractions, you can end the day with a wonderful sunset, tasty fondue with salad buffet and a cosy atmosphere with musical accompaniment. Reservations are also recommended here.
  • Schladming-Dachstein Sommercard: With this card, you can expect more than 100 free holiday experiences and over 100 bonus services, including a daily ascent and descent with a mountain railway of your choice. The ascent and descent with the Dachstein glacier cable car are also included once.
    A little tip: from mid-May to mid-October, guests of the Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming can use the Schladming-Dachstein Summer Card free of charge when booking.

Well then, are you curious about the highest mountain in Styria with all its highlights? Then we wish you lots of fun and some great, breathtaking moments on the Dachstein glacier. Aja, and one more thing: The Falkensteiner Hotel Schladming is an excellent starting point for this adventure 😉

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