Summer, sun, yoga – Marcel Clementi talks to us about yoga in summer

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Liebt es zu Kochen und sagt nie nein zu Kaffee und Kuchen. Ordnungsverliebt und doch in ihrem eigenem Chaos daheim, gibt es für die Weinviertlerin nichts Schöneres als ihren nächsten Urlaub zu planen. Ob Stadt, Berg oder Meer jede Destination hat für sie ihren Reiz. Und ist sie doch mal zuhause, lässt sie ihre Abende gerne mit einem Buch und einem Glas Wein ausklingen.
While some can hardly wait to move their yoga routine outside, others start sweating at the very thought of their yoga exercises at 30° degrees. We spoke to Marcel Clementi about how to get through a fantastic yoga summer. At the thought of yoga at 30° degrees and sunshine, many already start sweating before the first exercise. What tips do you have for yoga in summer? Roll out your mat first thing in the morning! This way you start the day full of peace and energy and can use the cool morning hours perfectly for yourself. When is the best time for yoga in summer? I would say sunrise or sunset!
Are there any yoga exercises you shouldn’t do in summer? No. Even in summer, you can lure yourself out of your comfort zone with powerful flows or simply meditate in the shade. Just do what your body and mind need at any time of the year. Are there certain exercises that help you cool your body from the inside? There is a breathing exercise, but that would be complicated to explain. You have to be on a yoga retreat with me for that! There I share all my tips & tricks!
Curious? Get tips from Marcel Clementi at our yoga retreat in the South Tyrolean mountains. Yoga with Marcel Clementi | Experience | Falkensteiner
What should you look out for in yoga in summer if you have circulation problems? After bending forward, slowly roll up. Be careful with reverse postures like headstands, etc. and always drink enough water! Are you more Team Outdoor Yoga or Team Yoga Studio with air conditioning in the summer? I am always in team outdoor, for all my interests! Eating outside, reading outside, exercising outside and of course yoga!
How does your yoga routine change in summer? I get up even earlier than usual to see the sunrise and do even more strength training than in winter.
How do you motivate yourself to do yoga when it’s 30 degrees outside and an outdoor pool or lake would actually be more tempting? I don’t have to motivate myself to do yoga. It’s part of my morning routine and doesn’t require any motivation. If I don’t feel like it, I don’t do yoga. Otherwise, the point is lost. Yoga is not like the gym membership that you pay for but hardly use. Yoga is the time YOU take to be happier and more content. If you’d rather jump in the lake, then do it! Listen to yourself. Do whatever makes you happy! Thank you very much for the interview, dear Marcel, and see you soon in one of our Falkensteiner Hotels! ————————————- Marcel Clementi is a yoga teacher, YouTuber, podcaster and speaker. The likeable Tyrolean inspires with his inspiring manner and travels around the world for workshops, events and yoga retreats.

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