Our top 4 tips for a Christmas holiday without mishaps

Falkensteiner Family Resort Lido

Christmas is the time for families, and especially during a shared Christmas holiday, relaxation, adventure, and heaps of fun should take center stage. Whether on the slopes, in the indoor pool, or in a sunny location far from home, it’s crucial that alongside the fun, safety is also considered to ensure the entire family cherishes these holiday moments. Hence, here are our top 4 tips for Christmas vacations with an extra dose of fun and no unpleasant surprises.

Unlimited skiing fun: safety on the slopes

Anyone who has ever skied on freshly prepared ski slopes knows: this feeling is difficult to put into words. For winter sports lovers, the slopes are a place full of action and thrills. But safety should always come first.

Before you hit the slopes, you need the right equipment. A helmet and bindings adjusted to your body weight are non-negotiable – two points that significantly minimize the risk of injury. At Falkensteiner, experts are available to help you with rental equipment at the hotel’s own ski rental stations. If necessary, you can easily reserve the right equipment from home. This saves time when picking up and in turn means more time for the slopes.

A hearty breakfast is just the thing to have enough energy for adventures on the slopes. Slow down, enjoy yourself: breaks are not a sign of weakness, but rather serve to recover and reduce the risk of exhaustion. There is also a great opportunity to stop off at the ski hut. Please don’t forget sun protection – UV rays are strong even in winter.

safety in the indoor swimming pool
The wind blows the snowflakes wildly throughout the day and you enjoy an eventful day in the indoor pool. This promises fun and relaxation for the whole family. But be careful: In order not to put a premature end to your enthusiasm, it is advisable to observe a few important safety rules. 

Running on the edge of the pool or on wet surfaces poses a risk of falling. It is therefore better to wear suitable shoes on the way to the pool and slow down, even with small children. Very important before you take a bold jump into the water: do a quick check to see if anyone is swimming there anyway. And for the young swimming talents, it’s all about a speedy armband service, then they’re good to go.

Safe Sledding Fun Day and Night

Fun and action are guaranteed on sled runs – an experience that stays in memory for a long time. But before you hop on your sled, remember to have the right equipment. Helmet, gloves, and suitable footwear will keep you warm and ensure safety. Stick to the signposted sled runs during your outing and be mindful of approaching skiers when crossing ski slopes.

For those zipping down prepared sled runs under the moonlight, it’s essential to check beforehand if it’s an illuminated track. If not: pack a headlamp. So, rent a sled and off you go.

Sunny Holiday Destinations: Things to Remember

For those seeking an escape from winter to bask in the sun at a distant locale, being cautious is crucial. Sunscreen is indispensable as the skin tends to be more sensitive during this time of year. Staying adequately hydrated is vital for the body – refreshing fruit juices are a great alternative to water.

Wherever you choose to spend the Christmas holidays, our small safety tips will surely ensure that the holiday remains a cherished memory for you and your families for years to come. We wish you loads of fun and unforgettable moments. Now, all that’s left for us to say is: Welcome, Christmas time!