Lake hikes in Styria around Schladming

Styria – the green heart of Austria. It is not without reason that the second largest province of Austria is affectionately called the green heart of Austria, as the landscape of Styria is characterized by its many mountains, trees, meadows, fields and lakes.

If you think of lakes in Austria, the province of Carinthia or the region around the Traunsee, in Upper Austria’s Salzkammergut, quickly comes to mind. Especially the various mountain lakes, which stretch from Upper Styria to the Mur & Mürztal and the south, are not familiar to everyone. But green Styria has many beautiful (mountain) lakes to offer, which can be easily reached by simple hikes. As a true Styrian and nature lover I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite lake hikes around Schladming:


The Duisitzkarsee impresses with its picturesque panorama, which always reminds me of a fairy tale land. Nestled in the surrounding mountain landscape, and easily accessible from our Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Schladming, it is a very special highlight of the Schladming-Dachstein region. As a reward for the sporty climb, you will be spoiled with fresh blueberry specialties at the Fahrlechhütte. Depending on the season, you will encounter free-range cows, horses and hares during a lake tour. Late summer is the perfect time for photo lovers, as the leaves of the trees slowly change color and a unique backdrop is created.

Description of the hike:

We start from the hiking portal at Eschachboden via trail no. 775 in the direction of Duisitzkarsee. In the beginning, it is a bit steeper, but don’t let that scare you off, because after a short time you will reach the impressive waterfall of the Seebach. The trail continues through the high forest to the Saghütten, which you reach after about an hour. The hiking trail continues over the Kesslerboden, where, in good weather, there is a wonderful view of the end of the upper valley with Samspitze, Sandspitze, Zwerfenberg and Elendberg. After a few hairpins bend through the forest, after another 30 minutes you reach the Duisitzkarsee with the Duisitzkarsee Hut and the Fahrlech Hut. Since the hike does not have any particularly difficult parts, it is also well suited for families with children.


The famous Spiegelsee (mirror lake) is probably one of the most popular motives for photos, videos and selfies in the whole Schladming-Dachstein region. Truly, the lake is a natural spectacle that makes a hiking day on the Reiteralm an unforgettable experience. Because in the “middle Gasselsee” (as the Spiegelsee was originally called) the striking southern walls of the Dachstein are reflected on windless days and conjure up a breathtaking sight.

But the scenery around the lake also makes the hiker’s heart beat faster, especially when the time of the alpine rose blossom begins in mid-June. On warm summer days, the lake offers a wonderful cooling off after a hike, while in autumn the golden yellow larches create a picturesque backdrop.

Description of the hike:

The tour itself is a leisurely, short mountain hike with a fantastic destination. We start from the top station or the parking lot at the Gasselhöh’ hut on the trail no. 66 and continue around the storage pond “Reiteralmsee” on the rear trail into the forest in the direction of Spiegelsee. The wide hiking trail runs along the eastern slope below the ridge between Rippetegg and Gasselhöhe. After about an hour of easy walking, you will reach your destination.

There are also several other interesting variants via the “Reiteralm Höhen-Rundweg”, which can extend the hiking day as desired. A little above the Spiegelsees there is also the Obersee. Here you have a wonderful panoramic view of the Dachstein and the Bischofsmütze.

Riesach Lake

The Riesachsee is especially worth mentioning because it is the highest waterfall in Styria. It is the beautiful destination of the hike through the Riesach waterfalls. Along the way you are mostly surrounded by wild water and can experience the impressive power of nature at close quarters.

Description of the hike:

From Almgasthaus Riesachfall at the Seeleiten parking lot, the ascent is on an initially stepped hiking trail. The steep path is close to the water and becomes a real adventure due to the viewing platform and the 50 m long suspension bridge. Then, in the gorge, the trail continues along the alpine path with the expressive name “durch die Höll”, which is, however, well insured by many stairs and steps. The last part of the path is over a steep ladder just before the Gfölleralm. A few steps behind it, the beautiful Riesachsee is already there and impresses with its wonderful view.

The best way back is to take the forest path because it can get slippery downhill due to the water.