Experience the slope with safety

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We will start soon into the ski and snowboard season. This year, however, besides the fun on the slopes, the safety aspect should not be neglected. Wearing a mask and keeping our distance, we all have already internalized in public. Now we have to do the same for the stay in the skiing area. Tips on how you can look after each other are summarized here.

1) It’s all about food

A good snack should not be missing during the day on the slopes! After all, sport makes you hungry and food is simply part of the flair of a skiing day. Period. Tip one: A homemade snack from home is just as tasty as a stop at a hut. However, if you don’t want to do without goulash soup, Wiener Schnitzel, and co., it’s best to check before your visit to the ski resort whether the food can be ordered to the table by app or whether other guidelines apply.

2) Timing is important

Make sure you divide your time for skiing and snowboarding well and make use of periods when the slopes are a little more empty. A bonus? You can ski down the slopes very fast because there is nobody on the slope at the moment anyway. So it’s best to visit the ski resort during the week instead of at the weekend. Or, you can get your skis out early in the morning and start the day with extensive fitness training!

3) There’s fun on the slopes even outside the main season

Who wants to enjoy the ski vacation this year completely, selects itself in the best case a date off the main season. This also applies to the school vacations, during which families will let off steam on the slopes. In the best case, this will ensure an even distribution of visitors to the slopes and avoid situations in which the ski areas are overcrowded.

4) Fresh air at the ski lift

Choose ski runs on which surface lifts or chair lifts are installed. This way you will be out in the fresh air more and avoid the danger of infection. In gondola lifts, the risk of infection is higher, as there is more contact with several people at the same time. In addition, this way you might even learn a new favorite route along the creeping path through the forest, which you might have overlooked in the ski area so far – who knows?


As in all public areas, the rule of keeping your distance applies to the slope as well as at lift stations and access points. Covering your mouth and nose should also be maintained during skiing, but especially in situations where you come into increased contact with people (e.g. queuing areas). Currently, in addition to mouth-nose protection, multifunctional cloths, buffs, bandanas, and ski masks are also permitted as coverings.

Apart from these tips, you should of course find out in advance which guidelines apply in your ski area and follow them accordingly. With cohesion and looking at each other, this ski season can also become an experience, exciting downhill runs pre-programmed – that’s a promise!