5 cool outdoor/hiking gadgets

Falkensteiner Image Shooting Summer Mountain Nassfeld 2019

Small, but nice! So or something like that could be the motto for this blog post. Because often it is the little things in life that make our (outdoor) everyday life immensely easier. Because we love such things immensely, we have picked out 5 cool outdoor / hiking gadgets for your upcoming outdoor trip, which you can definitely use in 2021. But one thing is for sure: With these little helpers, you are prepared for (almost) all eventualities.

1) Outdoor water filter

This small and very light (65g) water filter filters at least 2000 liters and lets you drink pure water directly from rivers, puddles, lakes, and more. The purification of the water happens with a 3 stage filtration that filters out E. Coli bacteria and salmonella, among others.

A big advantage of the gadget: it can be easily attached to drinking bags, common drinking bottles, or drinking systems. You can also drink directly from the water source with the help of the integrated drinking straw.
Note: Seawater, carbonated drinks, and industrially polluted water can not be filtered!

RRP: around 23€

© DeFe

2) BUDDYGO HD Monocular

Watching animals in the wild or taking a look at how far away the summit cross really is – these are just two applications for BuddyGo’s 12×50 HD wide-angle monocular.
Heavy binoculars are a thing of the past. Mount this outdoor gadget easily on your smartphone and look at the fetched image directly and comfortably on the display without straining your eyes.

Tip: If the image is too wobbly, use the included tripod for longer observations!

RRP: around 40€

3) LED Flashlight Gloves

These gloves not only look super casual, but they are also super practical. These gloves have an LED light built-in and therefore you can easily and comfortably work in the dark without needing a third hand for the flashlight. They are also waterproof and easy to clean. Another advantage is that the material is made of pleasant and soft fabric and is therefore light, breathable, flexible, and, above all, durable. And, if that’s not enough light for you, we recommend an LED Beanie (around 7€). The beanie also offers a standard USB port for charging the battery – there is nothing that does not exist! 🙂

RRP: around 15€

© Be91eiter
© Wollaston

4) REELOQ Antidrop System

Let’s fall right with the door in the house: Reeloq is your ideal companion in the mountains, on which you certainly no longer want to do without! Because the gadget not only secures your smartphone or action camera reliably against fall & theft but so you have this always ready to hand on the body for the next selfie or video. Cool is especially the easy installation: The included adapters give you maximum freedom, the smartphone adapter fits for any phone case, and thanks to the carabiner, the part is particularly flexible.

RRP: around 40€

© Reeloq
© Lila Rakete Onlineshop / steinbock7

5) Paracord bracelet with flint

The paracord bracelet with flint is a gadget for real guys and, of course, for tough female campers. The bracelet not only looks chic but has some very practical integrated functions:

  • a signal whistle
  • a fire steel
  • a scraper / mini knife
  • a three meters long parachute cord

With the fire steel and the scraper, you can let the sparks fly, with the parachute cord you can secure up to 160 kg. With this bracelet, you are prepared for all eventualities.

RRP: around 15€

There’s some cool stuff in there, right? 🙂 With some of these gadgets you are now well equipped for an unforgettable trip into nature or to the campsite.

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