The Falkensteiner carnival story of princess, clown and co.

If we’re honest, we all love dressing up – don’t we? Shrove Tuesday is just around the corner and that’s reason enough to take you on a journey into the carnival past of some of our Falkensteiner employees. On a journey from the princess to the clown and back to the kitten. You will be amazed. Raise the curtain on the best and most flamboyant carnival costumes that Falkensteiner has ever seen:

CLAUDIA – Head of Communications

High on horseback – Neither colorful nor screamingly flashy, this Diana memorial look is nevertheless one of my favorite carnival costumes of my childhood. Together with my sister, we spent hours digging through my grandmother’s trove of costumes and putting them together. So also this bride/princesses cross over. By the way, my grandmother wore the hat at her wedding and I still have it. The dress is a combination of an old dirndl underskirt and a curtain.

Kathi F. – Communications Manager

You see me dressed as a cat, or as I remember the costume: The compromise! I really wanted to go as a fly screen, but mom refused, while uncle was already making plans for the costume – disappointing, the next year it wasn’t a fly screen either, but a daisy, sewn by grandma.

One should never stop dreaming – maybe it will still come, the carnival Tuesday on which I strut around like a fly screen…

Stephanie – Director of marketing

An absolute must in my childhood was the children’s masquerade ball – with a self-made costume from my mom! You can recognize my dream job at that time at first sight: Princess – what else?! 😉

But also the Lion King hype has put me under its spell. I was a big cat just had to be, even if my patience has not allowed another face painting. 🙂

Stefan – Communications Manager

“Just have to save the world (…)” – what Tim Bendzko sang about only in 2011 was clear to me long before: “I AM BATMAN!” and not Bruce Wayne 😉 But after I quickly realized that I didn’t like the color combo of black and yellow at all, I often chose colors during carnival that brought my true passion to light: Green and white were my colors – and still are! 😉 In the carnival, this was shown and celebrated in all clarity from head to toe.

JULIA – COmmunications editor

Before the annual carnival parade became a highlight of February due to the humid and cheerful mood right after class – thanks to good old Soave quality wine for 2€ – carnival was one thing above all: The perfect opportunity to change into different characters – preferably into a different one at every party. Oh, and to have so much make-up on one’s face, as usually only Harald Glöööckler does. Collecting candy during the parade was our Halloween, and political correctness wasn’t really a thing in the ’90s.

SARAH – junior PR MAnAGer

Carnival has always been a highlight for me. Between angel and diva, I could and can live out all facets of my personality.

Many of our employees still can’t get rid of their penchant for dressing up. There is a regular #StyleUpThursday at the Falkensteiner Head Office in Vienna, which often comes very close to carnival costumes ;). Don’t think so? Then check our LinkedIn profile regularly and see for yourself!