FAQ: We answer 10 common questions about the topic of spa

Falkensteiner Balance Resort Stegersbach

How is it actually with the clothing during the massage, why am I not allowed to go to the sauna after the massage, and do I really have to go naked to the sauna? A short wellness trip with friends, partners, or family is becoming increasingly popular. Such a relaxing time out from the hectic everyday life in between is sometimes exactly what you need and should also allow yourself in such challenging times. But since not everyone is a professional wellness eater, we asked our spa manager Sabine from the Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz***** 10 questions that have had us puzzled many a time:

1) What kind of clothes should I wear for the massage?

It is best to come to the massage in a bathrobe and slippers, dressed in a bikini or underwear. Why? Valuable treatment time is not lost by changing clothes and your own clothes are not soiled with oil and products, as well as for hygienic reasons. In the treatment cabins, disposable panties are available for our guests, or the breast is always covered, depending on the type of treatment. This serves, on the one hand, to avoid soiling of the own clothes, any way to preserve the privacy of guest AND therapist/staff.

2) Can I occupy my lounger during the sauna?

In general, however, there is no obligatory rule or reservation ban. However, we appeal to the personal responsibility of our guests and the so-called “netiquette”. If I, as a guest, know that I will be staying longer in the sauna area, swimming pool, or during treatments during popular spa times, it is certainly appropriate to free up the lounger in the relaxation room. This also gives other guests the opportunity to rest and relax after a sauna session.

3) Can I make my own infusion in the sauna?

You are only allowed to make your own infusion if there is an infusion bucket with water available in the sauna. This is usually allowed at times when there are few guests in the saunas and no guided infusions are scheduled. If you are not alone in the sauna, you should also obtain the consent of the other guests present.

4) Why am I not allowed to go to the sauna with a bikini?

There are still many ambiguities about this as well. Bikinis are made of synthetic fabrics, which can release harmful substances when exposed to intense heat, impair natural sweat production, and, in combination with the vapors of essential oils, cause skin irritation.

However, not sitting in the sauna in a bikini does not mean entering it “naked”. Guests are welcome to wrap a cotton towel or cloth or, for example, a pestemal (Hamam cloth) for their privacy and well-being. This will not hinder the healthy production of sweat and the guest will still feel comfortable when visiting the sauna.

5) Why should I come to the spa reception at least 10 minutes before my appointment?

A spa treatment is primarily for your personal relaxation. This time belongs to you and your relaxation. If you arrive 10 minutes before your appointment, you can get in the mood for your treatment without stress. In addition, most spas require you to fill out medical history and health questionnaires to avoid risks and contraindications.

So: treat yourself to a welcome drink and look forward to your personal me-time 🙂

6) Why should I not go into the sun or sauna immediately after a facial application?

After peeling, the skin is free of dead skin cells, thus thinner and more sensitive – this can lead to sunburn more quickly. Active ingredients introduced into the pores are sweated out of the skin again in the sauna and thus cannot be properly absorbed and develop their positive effect.

7) Why should I not go into the sun or sauna immediately after a massage?

Massage oils have an occlusive effect on the skin due to their density, which makes it harder for the sweat produced to escape from the pores. Due to the production of sweat in the sun and sauna, heat builds upon and in the skin, as the sweat cannot leave the skin due to the occlusive effect.

8) Masseur or masseuse – who massages?

Please let us know if you would like to be massaged by someone of the same or opposite sex. If possible, we will be happy to comply. The guest should relax and feel comfortable during the treatment.

9) Do I need to shower off before going to the sauna?

It is very important to shower off and dry off well before your first sauna session because only dry skin produces sweat in the heat and thus detoxifies.

10) Can I sit on the bench in the sauna without a towel?

A towel must always be placed between the body and the wooden benches, mainly for hygienic reasons. Sweat is a product of the body’s waste products, which should not get on the wood or other materials and come into contact with other guests and people.

If you have any further questions about spa or vacation topics, please feel free to contact us at any time at communications@falkensteiner.com. And if you can’t wait any longer to finally take a relaxing break, you can find all of our Falkensteiner Wellness & Deceleration Hotels here.