Tiki Cocktail – Der Painkiller

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Julia Lorber
Millenial & plant-based Foodie mit Feminismus im Blut und einer ausgeprägten Liebe zu Wörtern, Menschen- und Hundebabys. Prosecco-trinkende Philanthropin mit Sehnsucht nach fernen Orten, Interesse an der menschlichen Psyche und einem Hang zu den schönen Künsten. Spa Babe mit Tiefgang.

After we presented you part one of our seductive Tiki Signature Cocktails from the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Jesolo last time, the second part of Hawaiian drinking pleasures awaits you today. First, let the myth of our Painkiller take you to the underworld before destroying your pain with the cocktail recipe.


Once upon a time, Kanaloa, god of darkness and the ocean, wanted to force all the dark forces to turn the happiness, ease, and all the fun of the world into bitterness and resentment. So he thought about where to go through the seas of this world to do the most damage. Italy caught his eye negatively with its famous dolce vita, so he set off to the Adriatic coast and created a potion that would make people terribly sad. Full of resentment, he observed how exuberantly people talked and laughed and could hardly believe his eyes when the concentrated lust for life of the people accumulated even more after consuming his potion. He, the Hawaiian god of darkness, failed in the face of the southern joie de vivre and ultimately became a victim of his own curse. Instead of reveling in the misfortunes of man, it was now he who would witness their exuberance for all eternity. To mock him, the potion was henceforth called, of all things, Painkiller.

What you need:

4cl dark rum
1cl Cream of Coconut
4cl pineapple juice
1cl orange juice

Shake everything well and off you go! Cheers 🙂

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