Urban. Boutique. Experience. Welcome home to Prague

NEWS from Prague – we have an exciting renovation project in the “golden city of a hundred spires”. Our traditional hotel is getting a great upgrade and will open its doors in early March 2022 as part of the Falkensteiner Premium Collection. And as rich in history as the city of Prague itself, our renovated hotel will be just as rich in loving details, tasteful accessories, and plenty of “feel-like-you-are-at-home” spirit. In short: Welcome Home! is once again brought to life.

We would like to take you on a little journey through the newly created premises of the Falkensteiner Hotel Prague and introduce you to the visions and backgrounds of our interior designers Aggi Bruch (the project was planned by her office in Palma!) & Bea Mitterhofer!

modern chic meets a feel-good atmosphere

The basic idea of the complete interior is to feel comfortable even far away from home. One, therefore, finds a nonchalant living room atmosphere with contemporary design & colors. The design is characterized by modern elegance and a breeze of lightness. Especially the soft and inviting upholstered furniture simply completes the Living Room ambiance.

This style has also found its way into the furnishings of the rooms. One wants to convey the feeling of being in a tastefully decorated friend’s guest room – the chamber is dominated by discreet furniture and the pictures on the wall give the rooms a personal touch. Built-in wardrobes that dominate the space too much have not found a place here – the lightness continues.

It’s so green – when lobbies blossom strongly

If you are staying in a hotel for the first time, the entrance or lobby is one of the first touchpoints. Well, and as we already know from everyday situations, the first impression is significant and shapes, so to speak, the further course. In our case, the stay.

So that the first “getting to know” with the house runs like clockwork and produces a special WOW effect, our creative duo has come up with the idea that with just one step you move from urban cobblestones into a lush green jungle. It’s meant to be a welcome to all the sensory cells. The tropical entrance area ensures that you leave behind all thoughts of everyday life or the fatigue of travel on the road and begin your city or business trip in a relaxed manner.

Especially when it rains outside, the lobby is a mood lifter of the natural variety. The greenery continues into the courtyard. This will be a very special place to end the day in comfort. On selected evenings, local indie bands and casual DJ_anes will also be at the Monkey 47 Bar, inviting you to party & dance. Definitely a hot tip during a stay in Prague to come here for a drink.

Since we want to keep up the suspense a little longer, that’s it for the “Room Tour” through the Falkensteiner Hotel Prague. The “spruced up” house can definitely be seen next March. You can look forward to a hotel that has a different surprise in store in every room and, despite all the design elements, exudes a certain basic coziness. Stay tuned!

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