Travel Horoscope 2023: Aries – A bundle of energy on holiday

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Theresa Groiss
Liebt es zwischen aufregenden Wiener-Stadtmomenten und erholsamen Auszeiten im Salzkammergut zu pendeln. Immer mit dabei: der passende Snack für zwischendurch. Egal ob für eine sportliche Skitour in den Österreichischen Bergen oder bei einem sonnigen Badetag an der Wiener-Donau.

Assertive. Optimistic. Dynamic. Qualities that we know (and sometimes love) in Aries. But how do these traits influence the holiday planning of this outgoing bundle of energy?

Before we get down to (holiday) business: This is what makes Aries kids special

Looking deeper into the range of character traits, enthusiastic Aries reveal their confident nature with a down-to-earth core: sharp but kind. Impulsive but focused. Determined but self-critical.
Pioneers of development, as they are affectionately called, tend to be driven to peak performance by external resistance and are quick to embrace new challenges. Ruled by Mars, the impulsive children of 2023 are the darlings of the cosmos.

Aries are born optimists and use their (sometimes naïve) optimism not only in their work and careers but also when planning their holidays.

The optimal holiday window for Aries

2023 is not a year to go quietly. The power planet Mars provides a fighting spirit and energetic mantras. In the first half of the year, Aries is at the starting line to clear old beliefs and set the course for the coming months with a new focus. The zeal for action drives the Fire Scale upwards in the first half of the year, followed by months of enjoyment.

To cut a long story short: June! Mars is in Aries and astrologically this is THE holiday month for all adventurous Aries. Feelings of happiness and power to start your holiday are especially high in the first half of June. So far so good, but where does it go from here?

Unspoilt nature with sunny lionesses

If the stars are to be believed, what Aries need most in 2023 is more loving acceptance of themselves. A mantra that forms the basis of the travel calendar. Authentic places that allow you to look behind their pristine façades are the destinations for the Aries holiday year.

A mix of culture, exciting encounters, and adventurous tours is what travel-loving Aries will find this season, and not just in the Far East:

Long-distance travel: as far as Vietnam or Botswana

Summer holidays: Italian dolce vita in Sicily or Sardinia

Winter holidays: up and skiing in the mountains of Salzburg

This year, the Aries group is focusing on exploring natural wonders and getting to know the local way of life. The signs are set for exploration and cohesion. So why not discover new worlds together with friendly lions and make the rough summer days shine.

Adventurous holidays that are also relaxing

As versatile as Aries is in its character traits, it is equally versatile when it comes to holiday planning. Aries also allow for sweet holiday moments with feet up on an all-inclusive lounger after the adventure tour is over. The main thing is to be authentic and leave plenty of room for your own ideas.

So, dear Aries, look forward to the cosmic summer months and set the course for your holiday planning – a task that suits you anyway. 😉

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