Tantalise all your senses on holiday

Tantalise all your senses on holiday

The holiday season is once again drawing closer and as it approaches, Austrians ask themselves, as always: Where should we go this year? Today, we would like to share some tips with you that have nothing to do with fancy places like the Seychelles or the Maldives, and that guarantee you relaxation for all your senses.

Just listen to it: organ music and the roar of the sea

You might be thinking: organ? A holiday doesn’t necessarily include going to church. But it’s nothing like that. The organ that will make your senses tingle is built directly into the water, and is to be found in the Croatian port city of Zadar. Sit down by the promenade and listen to the world’s biggest composer: the Adriatic Sea. After just a few harmonious notes, you will notice that you are enveloped in peace and relaxation. However, Zadar offers you much more than just this sea organ.

The coastal city provides a perfect blend of city and beach holidays. Long beaches made of sand and pebbles, grilled Croatian specialties, historic buildings, shopping, museums … a dream city on the seaside. From people on club holidays through to campers: Zadar offers everyone the holiday they want. People on club holidays can get their money’s worth at Club Funimation Borik, while we can recommend our premium campsite to campers – it’s just three kilometres away from Zadar’s old town. The site has everything you could wish for. An outdoor pool, direct beach access, leisure activities, restaurants and a spa are all included.

Just smell it: olives, for as far as your nose can smell

Olive oil, olive wood, olive soap, olive trees… The typical scent springs to mind immediately, even if you simply think of this Mediterranean stone fruit. People who can’t get enough of it, and also want to explore one of the most popular holiday islands in Croatia, will be in the right spot in Punat, on the island of Krk. The small town has 1800 inhabitants and is well-known for its tradition of producing olives. Every family here manages their own olive grove and produces their own high-quality products – the perfect souvenir for friends and family. But Punat offers more than just stone fruit: as the oldest and largest marina in the Adriatic, it can also make boat-lovers’ dreams come true. Over 1200 boats can be found here, some of which can be used for day trips to the nearby islands. Our insider tip: you’ve got to visit the mini-island of Kosljun, which has been exclusively inhabited by Franciscan monks since the 15th century. Due to its small size, Punat is particularly suitable families and people who want to relax somewhere other than the major tourist hotspots. If you won’t want to miss out on the action, you’re certainly in good hands at our Hotel Park Punat: there’s an entertainment programme, mini golf, scuba diving taster sessions, e-bikes and much more, providing young and old alike with plenty of ways to spend their time.

Just taste it: Mediterranean dishes, as we all know and love them

Taste, Mediterranean dishes, Adriatic Sea… Exactly. Our next sensory journey leads us directly to a holiday destination that is an undisputed favourite among Austrians: Jesolo. However, this is not just another report on its beach packed with Austrians and Germans –  although, of course, it’s worth a visit. Rather, we want to encourage you to rediscover the destination of our childhoods. For example, are you familiar with Piazza Mazzini? The place is best known for its fun water games and the numerous events that take place here all year round. You can also satisfy your Mediterranean cravings in the restaurants and cafes scattered around, and recover from your explorations of the city there. You can even find the cool, glamorous flair of Miami in Jesolo: Hotel & Spa Jesolo was developed by the American Richard Meier and designed by star architect Matteo Thun. The hotel will win you over with its distinctive appearance, featuring clean shapes, bright colours and pop art elements. You’ve certainly not seen Jesolo like that before.

Just look at it: the most beautiful sandy beach in Europe, and nobody knows about it

Have you ever heard of Bečići? If you’re not one of the few connoisseurs of Montenegro, you probably haven’t. This is something we definitely want to change: the country, and this little place in particular, are definitely worth the trip. Becici, a suburb of the coastal town of Budva, will with you over with its picturesque, Mediterranean landscape. It is home to a sandy beach that is almost two kilometres in length and was crowned the most beautiful beach in Europe in 1935. The town of Budva is just short walk away, and invites you to discover its narrow streets and historic old town. For us, it’s without a doubt the inside tip for holidays on the Adriatic. Once again, we can suggest one of our hotels to you in this context. Situated on a small hill, Hotel Montenegro has its own private beach on Bečići Bay. Rest and relaxation are guaranteed.

Just feel it: the Adriatic, and all its variety

We are convinced that our “local sea”, the Adriatic, is always worth a visit and will win you over with its many faces. However, the feelings we associate with it always remain the same: feel the light sea breeze on your skin, the sand or gravel under your feet, the warmth of its people, and the joy as soon as you see the sea.

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