Take care of yourself: tips to smile and be fully yourself

Remember to be yourself. There is plenty of space and time to be, every day. And it is always the only and necessary choice to live well and in peace. The only essential step is to be able to distinguish what is good for us from what is bad for us. An identity cries.

To love oneself to love others. An act of altruism rather than selfishness, therefore. Being good to yourself puts you in a position to do good to others, who otherwise will see you as someone to avoid, a megaphone of negativity. But let’s be clear: taking care of yourself does not start from others, but from you. To give color to the temple in which you will live for the rest of your days. Anxiety? No, let’s call it more responsibility to do the simplest thing of all: understand what’s best for you, where you really want to go, how far your expectations go, and what they depend on. And when I say there’s plenty of room and plenty of time, I mean you have – really – your whole life. Your “forever” is the total of what you will commit to each day.

But where to start? Mind, body, people around you: each of these components for different reasons, punctuate your physical and emotional well-being.

Let’s find out more together.

Mens Sana…

Everything starts from the mind. You can think of it as a large container that gives you back exactly what you put inside it. So, take care of it. Start giving the right weight to self-gratification and try to be less hard on yourself. Suspend judgment, relax, and think of everything as part of constant, unceasing growth.

We can only change what we have already accepted. Connect with your deepest self.

Try meditation: a moment for yourself. It only takes a few minutes a day, to try to look at everything a bit more from above, to fix your thoughts, to dissipate them. Things may not change, but you will undoubtedly begin to see things differently.

Another solution is to keep a logbook: often reading something we wrote some time ago reminds us of that moment in our lives, of that way of thinking that no longer belongs to us. In addition to fixing our thoughts and seeing them in a different light, in this way, we understand our emotional paths more deeply, bringing to the surface, perhaps, the reasons for our mistakes.

…in corpore sano

The body wants its part, closely interdependent with the mind. This is because it is the instrument that allows us to dedicate ourselves to the activities that, with the mind, we have planned. From here passes a whole circle of positive emotions that improve our state of mind and thus our self-esteem. Physical activity undoubtedly helps us to feel better. 30 minutes a day: a run, a brisk walk, or a good yoga session.

In our hotels, for example, everything is designed precisely for this purpose: to find inner strength, towards a new balance. Positive energy in contact with nature. And our yoga retreats, with events and courses, go precisely in this direction.

Treat yourself to pampering to find yourself: remember to gratify yourself if it makes you feel good. A manicure, a massage, or a SPA treatment to connect body and mind. Knowing how to listen to yourself. Our internal clock knows very well if we are tired or ready for a climb. In our SPA treatments, we like to be inspired by the human biorhythm. Soothing, nourishing, revitalizing depending on your needs, the season, your emotional state. Pure pleasure for the soul.

Remember also to eat well: vegetables, fresh fruits, and seasonal foods help to keep us healthy, strong, and happy. A real energy boosts.

Taking care of ourselves, taking care of others

Our well-being depends on us. It’s not selfishness. It is the starting point for taking care of others. Well-being, in other words, must be shared to increase further. But not at any cost. Don’t use your energy unnecessarily. Share them with those you know can deserve them, with those who can be trusted, with those who are really interested in you.

Carve out some of your attention for them, at least some of your time. Start by planning one evening of fun a week, a hobby to share. Everything around them will start to smile. With you.

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