Romantic getaway ideas for Valentine’s Day

Picture of Nina & Tom
Nina & Tom
„Die Welt ist zu schön, um zuhause zu bleiben!“ – Das ist das Motto der beiden Outdoor-Enthusiasten. Wie wäre es trotz Job und begrenzter Urlaubszeit dem Alltag so oft wie möglich zu entfliehen und Abenteuer zu erleben? Kommt mit und verliebt euch mit den beiden in die schönsten Gipfel und Ozeane dieser Welt.

Valentine’s Day, the day of lovers, is just around the corner. As every year, Valentine’s Day takes place on February 14. So how about planning a romantic getaway with a surprise effect for your sweetheart or loved one? The following ideas for outings can serve as inspiration. After all, time and moments together are the most beautiful things that a man or woman can give as a gift, aren’t they? And everything doesn’t always have to be perfect. Just the gesture of planning a special trip is enough proof of love.


A castle is simply always associated with romance. Every little girl once dreamed of being a princess and part of the fascination for castles and palaces has remained with most women. Nowadays, however, the prince charming does not have to come riding on a white horse, the ladies are also happy when their own prince kidnaps them by car. Just look for a nice castle nearby, don’t reveal the destination beforehand, pack a little surprise, and off you go. It’s best to find out beforehand exactly how to get to the castle: is there a hike there, a nice walk in the castle garden or a place with a particularly nice view of the castle?

If you want to go one better, you can then conjure up a little letter from your jacket pocket. A love letter, of course, written secretly in advance. Of course, it may be read by the partner immediately. With an amorous smile on your face and a sparkle in your eyes, the winter romance at the castle can then continue.

…and if you haven’t died, they will still be talking about this beautiful Valentine’s Day getaway in a few years.


For sure there is a beautiful lake near you, which radiates something romantic and along which you can take a walk. The destination of the excursion remains a secret for the time being, while your loved one gets dressed warmly. It’s best to secretly pack your backpack beforehand, from which you can conjure up the little winter picnic as a surprise during the walk. For many frostbite sufferers, a winter picnic sounds anything but romantic, but you simply have to pack 1-2 more blankets in your backpack.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer to the question “What belongs in the picnic basket?”. In principle, everything that the partner likes to eat and drink. Warm tea, coffee, or punch in a thermos is always a good idea in any case. Otherwise, there are no limits to the imagination: Warm soup from a thermos cup, sushi from your favorite sushi restaurant, or your favorite cake. If the contents of the ominous backpack remain a secret until the end, the joyful surprise effect is all the greater when the sentence is then uttered: “Such a beautiful place, let’s have a picnic here”.

Tip: If you’re worried that the lake might be too crowded in the afternoon, plan a walk early in the morning and a surprise breakfast by the lake.


If hiking is one of your mutual passions, why not share it on Valentine’s Day? Plan a surprise hike for your partner, who should of course know that a winter hike is on the agenda. Which exactly, however, remains a secret. If your partner thinks the planned hike is surprising enough on the way up, he/she is mistaken. The surprise then follows naturally on the summit: As a sign of love suddenly a small sparkling wine, beer, or warm punch is conjured from the backpack, with which on the love and the beautiful common moments is toasted. Great romantics then conjure even a small rose from the backpack. Roses on Valentine’s Day may be tacky, but who can claim to have been given a rose on a snowy mountaintop? A beautiful summit experience that no one will soon forget.


  • Carriage ride
  • Drive-in cinema
  • Watching the sunrise or sunset together in a beautiful place
  • Attach an engraved lock to a bridge and throw the key into the water
  • Voucher for a romantic weekend for two in a beautiful hotel

There are, of course, no limits to the imagination when it comes to Valentine’s Day outings. A planned trip or time for two does not have to be tied to February 14 either. Should the weather not play along with your trip or should you be prevented, then simply postpone the trip. The main thing is that you spend time together and enjoy the winter romance together.

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