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Team Katze, selten offline. Mit viel Leidenschaft und wenig Planung bereist sie die Welt – seit 2017 ganz offiziell als Familie. Daher weiß sie, dass das Reisen mit Kleinkind manchmal mehr als Ortswechsel zu verstehen ist. Entspannung kommt dann später.
In the heart of Vorarlberg, in the middle of the Montafon, the new Falkensteiner Hotel Montafon is currently being built and will open its doors in December 2022. The special feature of this new project is the clearly defined focus on sustainability, which will be found at all levels. The project is not alone, however, because the entire region has been operating a sustainable and consciously thought-out tourism concept for several years, which is unparalleled.
© Golm Silvretta Lünersee Tourismus GmbH Bregenz, Stefan Kothner
To get a deeper insight into the Montafon region, surrounded by a gigantic mountain panorama, and its secrets, we turned to Judith Grass, Managing Director of Golm Silvretta Lünersee Tourism. Her focus is on sustainability, innovation and digitalisation. In a conversation, she was able to give us many insights and insider tips into this exciting destination.
Judith Grass - Geschäftsführerin Golm Silvretta Lünersee Tourismus
  • Hello Judith, thank you very much for your time! Let’s start right away with the first, important question: What makes the Montafon region unique?
The personal interaction with each other, the many unspoilt corners, the special dialect and the attractive year-round programme – you can always experience an indescribable nature experience!
  • What are your favourite places in the Montafon region?
They definitely have to be above 1,500 metres – my favourite place is on one of the many countless mountain peaks like Zimba or Valülla.
  • The Montafon region is known for its sustainable tourism concept, what aspects are special here?
For us, especially for Golm Silvretta Lünersee Tourism, sustainability goes beyond the ecological pillars. Thus, we consider all 3 pillars – ecology, social issues and economy – equally in our implementation. These topics are clearly anchored in our strategy and all our offers are implemented on the basis of the strategic brand focal points. Furthermore, raising awareness among staff and guests is a priority goal, so that each individual realises what he/she can change. Only together can we achieve the 1.5-degree target. To give you a better idea of our implementation, I will give you a few examples: The first is energy. We buy 100 per cent green electricity, so our power supply is more climate-friendly and less dependent on fossil fuels. By realising our Green Ticket, you have the possibility to get to our beloved skiing area in a climate-neutral way. It includes a day ticket for the Golm Adventure Mountain and travels by bus and train from all over Vorarlberg and from the border stations in Tyrol (St. Anton), Germany (Lindau) and Switzerland (Buchs/St.Margarethen). But also in the entire gastronomy, attention is constantly paid to using only regional suppliers and products. Where possible, plastic is avoided and reusable products and large containers are used. In addition, the continuous expansion of vegetarian and vegan dishes is a major concern for us.
  • Summer or winter, what are the highlights of the region?
In summer, preferably a summit tour, such as the Golmer Höhenweg with breathtaking views of the Rätikon or the Versailspitze in Partenen. For those interested in culture, the Gauertaler AlpkulTour is a MUST, and for families with children, the Waldrutschenpark and the Alpine Coaster. In winter, I always recommend a trip to the Silvretta-Bielerhöhle cave, as a respite from the many days of skiing in the valley. There you can experience winter in a completely different way.
© Golm Silvretta Lünersee Tourismus GmbH Bregenz, Stefan Kothner
  • Linguistically, the Montafon is also very unique. What makes the dialect so special?
In Vorarlberg, it feels like every place has its own dialect. In Montafon, too, you can easily distinguish whether someone comes from Inner- or Außerfratte. The dialect is special within the Austrian dialect because a few words from Rhaeto-Romanic are still used, which was replaced by Alemannic German in the late Middle Ages.
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  • Which three dialect words do you think you should definitely know?
To get through the day in Montafon, you should definitely remember these three words:
  1. Guata Margat – Good morning
  2. Trola – stumble
  3. Hees – clothes
  • What must you have eaten to make your Montafon holiday perfect?
I can heartily recommend the Montafon Polmanodla. The most important ingredient is Sura Kees, the sour milk cheese whose history goes back to the 12th century and which can only be found in Montafon. Coated in a crispy dough pocket, the fine Polmanodla can be enjoyed sweet or savoury.
We would like to thank you, Judith, for this exciting insight into the unique region of Montafon and wish you all the best for the future! Header image: © Golm Silvretta Lünersee Tourismus GmbH Bregenz, Stefan Kothner

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