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Julia Lorber
Julia Lorber
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Today, 5 June, is the annual World Environment Day. This day of action was already proclaimed in 1972 on the opening day of the first World Conference on the Environment in Stockholm and is intended, among other things, as a reminder of the environmental protection programmes that arose from it. The topic of environmental protection and sustainability is becoming increasingly important in our society and is also very close to our hearts as Falkensteiner. With the opening of the new Falkensteiner Hotel Montafon in winter 2022, we will lay an important foundation stone for the topic of sustainability and environmental protection. We will now explain how!
Gently nestled between forests and mountains, in the middle of a natural protected area, an ecological refuge for families is being created in the Vorarlberg Montafon, which is proving to be an exclusive haven. In the new 5-star family hotel on the Golm adventure mountain, the focus is on fun, enjoyment and relaxation for young and old – with a clear sustainability focus at all levels: From diverse activities and children’s entertainment with edutainment elements to environmental rangers guiding through the surroundings and the innovative, resource-saving culinary concept.
Electricity from hydropower
The hotel is powered exclusively by hydroelectricity, renewable energy that is drawn from the nearby reservoir. With the help of dams, the water level is regulated to protect against flooding and for about a hundred years, electricity can also be generated. Part of the dammed water flows through a turbine. The circular movements generate electricity, which is then used in the hotel.
Regional delicacies
Not only does the hotel focus on sustainability when it comes to electricity generation, but it can also be found in culinary delights. Our team attaches great importance to regionality, whereby the VIA ALPINA concept brings with it a multifaceted advantage: the connection of the three largest Alpine mountain ranges, which are also known as the “Heart of the Alps”, creates traditional trade routes, lofty peaks, high alpine passes and lovingly managed alpine pastures. They shape the entire region.
Fresh ingredients are harvested daily from the hotel’s own vegetable garden and incorporated into the unique dishes.
Learning sustainability
During their stay, kids have the opportunity to learn about environmental protection in a playful way. Our young hotel guests can learn about the importance of protecting nature through exciting edutainment programmes. Topics such as waste separation or recycling are particularly important, which is why they have a fundamental place in the programmes. The popular forest slide is the perfect proof that recycling is fun. The slide, built from old pipes, shows the Falkys first-hand that great things can be created from “rubbish”.
While your children take a close look at the mountains with Falky, you have the opportunity to experience deep relaxation in the Acquapura Spa. Here, great care is taken to ensure that the desired treatments are carried out with natural and regional products. The Falkensteiner Hotel Montafon is a small part of a larger whole and does everything it can to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible. With the help of various concepts, sustainability is lived on all levels and sets the first important impulses on the topic of “sustainable tourism” – WELCOME HOME!

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