Olive oil: the beauty secret for skin, hair & co

Olive oil is considered the heart of Mediterranean cuisine and our cuisine is unimaginable without it. It not only tastes excellent, but it is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids and very rich in vitamins. Thus the olive oil has also as can be proved many positive effects on our blood and cell structure. But the olive oil can still much more! Whether as a roasting, cook, and baking ingredient or as a miracle drug in our daily Beautyroutine: the olive oil has to offer so some!

Olive oil on the skin

Olive oil is great for skincare! As it is very well absorbed by the skin and moisturizes it is very effective against wrinkles and also protects against the sun’s harmful rays. Also, drugstores and Pharmaunternehmen discovered the miracle drug olive oil for itself: often the olive oil purely as basis oil for the skin is used or processed in various creams, then it helps for example also with the Linderung of skin irritations and swellings.

Olive oil in hair

Due to its very high vitamin E content, olive oil is particularly good for brittle and brittle hair. Therefore you can add a little bit of olive oil to your routine and massage it into towel-dried hair about every two weeks. Also available are many shampoos and conditioners with olive oil content – this helps to keep dry hair supple again.

But olive oil is also particularly good for hair growth. A complete guide on how it works can be found here!

Olive oil on the body

The oil is also used for holistic body care. As a body peeling (mixed with sea salt) it makes the skin particularly soft and smooth after application. It also works wonders for the care of fingernails and toenails. Especially cracked and stressed nails benefit from its many positive properties. It is best to brush a thin layer of olive oil 4-5 times a week onto dry nails and cuticles and leave it on overnight.

In combination with essential oils, olive oil is also excellent for massages. The oil nourishes the skin and makes it smooth and supple. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and also provides a lot of moisture thanks to the vitamin E it contains. You can easily make your own massage oil: simply mix 100ml of olive oil with about 15-20 drops of essential oil (for example lavender) and stir. It is best to test shortly before on a small area of skin to make sure the mixture does not cause an allergic reaction.

The fact is, olive oil is an all-rounder and versatile. It is not only used in the kitchen but is the ultimate secret weapon for our daily beauty care. Just try out a few beauty tips and create your own beauty rituals with the natural product olive oil!

If you want to learn more about the Queen of the Mediterranean, we recommend you take a look at this article (just follow the link!)

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