New year, new bucket list!

You can treat yourself to these 6 trends in 2019

Honestly. The turn of the year is the time of great intentions, which are then never respected. Do more sports, eat healthier, call mom more often – usually just as quickly forgotten as sworn. But not in 2019! We have chosen really cool trends for the coming year, which you definitely do not want to miss!

New Year: The perfect time to close the past and look to the future with new energies and ideas. However, you do not have to bother with the current super diet or buy the hottest brand collection from THE In-Designer of the Year to be in in 2019. We have 6 trends for you that will make you trendy but not poor!

Experience “bite-sized” holidays!

2019 will be the year of travel in “bite-size”: But instead of an extended 2-week holiday during the year, undertake a few charming getaways! Over the weekend for sightseeing or at the beach party? No problem, thanks to cheaper flights and improved train connections. Or you get in the car and just start driving. “Less is more” is the motto here – less stress, less luggage and less effort. However, you enjoy the short time the more intensely and make the journey into your very personal experience. The micro-stays are also ideal for deviating from the usual paths and having new experiences! How about, for example, a relaxed golf holiday or premium camping by the sea?

Taste a black sapote!

It sounds almost too good to be true but it actually does exist: a healthy fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding! The black sapote comes from Central America or the Philippines and looks a bit like a cross between pomegranate and green tomato. However, the rich-brown color inside reveals the chocolate-sweet-nutty taste, so one had better like to dip a spoon. In 2019, the tempting fruit will be more common in Europe as well, so keep your eyes open as you travel. You can find it at weekly markets or in the well-stocked delicatessen – it is definitely worth it!

Feel good with your high ponytail!

Is not the case nothing annoys women more than sticking sweaty hair into the neck in the summer? The new retro-hairstyle trend for 2019 can help: High ponytails have become the must-have for hairstyles for the first time since the 90s and they are perfect for any outfit. The braid is chic at work, can be worn playfully but also in a quiet way for a cocktail dress. Especially handy: even if at the beach or on the city trip, just no mirror is in the vicinity, you can easily tie together the high braid, because even while “messy”, it is certainly excellent!

By the way, you can find some tips in this video for the perfect high ponytail:

Use zero-waste straws!

The environmentally-damaging plastic straws are soon threatened with extinction. We think this is good! Actually, we can do without it now but what to do with a drink with many ice cubes, where you can barely get close to the drink without a straw? The solution: Reusable alternatives made of glass, stainless steel and even bamboo. They are not only sustainable but also much more stylish than the colourful plastic straws. Try edible straws if you like something fruity! These are made from cereal and apple pomace and remain stable in the liquid for about an hour. Moreover, when you have finished drinking, the drinking straw becomes a fruity snack!

Put yourself into a new It item in the trendy colour of “Living Coral”!

The freshly crowned Pantone colour for 2019 is called “Living Coral” and its description looks like a fairy tale: “A stimulating and life-affirming coral with a golden undertone that arouses and invigorates with a gentle side.” The tone is the perfect blend of rich orange, warm red and soft pink, screaming for us to summer, sun, sunshine and cosmo on the beach! A feeling that, from our point of view, you should definitely enjoy in winter too. So why not get a sweater or cardigan in Living Coral? So you bridge the time until your next beach holiday in a life-affirming and radiantly good-humoured manner!

Try HIIT (= High Intensity Interval Training)!

Fit with HIIT. The sports trend that no one will pass by in 2019: intensive and effective interval training that can be applied to many different disciplines and sports and can be the subject of training everywhere. The principle is simply explained: push your body to maximum performance in a short interval, then take a little longer break with more leisurely movements and then give full throttle again. This rhythm (for beginners, for example, 15 sec. intensive training / 45 sec. rest phase), you repeat about every 15-20 minutes. The big advantages of this training: It saves time – two times 20 minutes per week are enough – and the body still burns fat even after hours of training  through the after-burn effect. It definitely pays to try it out once!

We hope we could boost your anticipation for the coming year and support the search for your year-to-dos a little bit.

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