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Redness here, sensitive areas, and itching there – our skin constantly presents us with new challenges. The reason for this: not only our skin type but also the complex interplay of a balanced lifestyle and diet, as well as gentle cleansing and appropriate care, fundamentally influence our skin’s well-being. That’s why the search for individually appropriate skincare often turns into a rocky endeavor. To counteract this, we have the pleasure of introducing you to one of our favorites in organic natural cosmetics today. Read how the combination of plant-based active ingredients and state-of-the-art technology comes to the rescue to sustainably strengthen your facial skin.


If we delve into the natural world of flora, we realize that the most valuable ingredients are right on our doorstep. Essentials such as lavender and rose geranium not only glow with beauty in our own backyard but also have a calming and mildly antiseptic effect as fragrant medicinal herbs.

Now and then, the evergreen rosemary, the well-known sage, and the refreshing mint seduce us into the delightful world of Mediterranean cuisine. Far too rarely, however, they find their way into natural cosmetics. Rosemary extract, with its anti-oxidants, gives us a clarifying and activating complexion, while mint and sage cleanse our skin deep into the pores.

Dr. Joseph Franz

For sensitive skin, huckleberry and chamomile extract guarantee a protective skin barrier and wheat proteins provide plenty of moisture. Rosehip, on the other hand, is an all-rounder, as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids, thus supporting the build-up as well as the renewal of our skin cells.

So let’s pause for a moment – As simple as the carrot protects us from the sun, so simple can natural skincare be. But how do the ingredients, which are full of miracles, get onto our skin? Dr. Joseph Franz from South Tyrol has an answer to this question. Almost 35 years ago, his passion for medicinal herbs and his interest in natural science launched him into a new era of skincare…


Only the best of both worlds is the credo of the natural cosmetics manufacturer TEAM Dr. Joseph: With the help of the most modern microtechnologies, the effects of nature are refined in a high-tech way and made usable for our skin. In the production of high-quality high-tech natural products, the team focuses particularly on the careful use of natural resources and ancient know-how of natural cosmetics production. Thus, the synergetic interaction of the ingredients is matched to the individual needs of different skin types.

“Our products contain highly effective plant substances from organic cultivation with clinically confirmed effects. We prefer wild collections and plants from organic cultivation, as they have an immense concentration of active ingredients and thus offer the skin a diverse spectrum of effects.”
– Team Dr. Joseph –

Some of our hotels are equipped with the products of the family business and pamper you with individual treatments tailored to your needs. Take the chance in advance and get a little taste of what awaits you on your next vacation with this signature treatment from TEAM Dr. Joseph:


Organic full-body peeling with apricot seeds & hay flower extracts.
Since our skin absorbs 60% of what is applied to it, the first step is to thoroughly cleanse the skin. The alpine active ingredient package of apricot kernels and hay flowers ensures this and at the same time refines your skin texture evenly. In addition, the peeling crystals stimulate the skin’s metabolism and blood circulation.


Deep Relax Body Oil
This natural body oil accompanies you on a gentle journey of serenity with the fresh scent of coniferous wood and citrus fruits. The base of almond, jojoba, and high-quality calendula oil offers gentle protection to particularly delicate skin.

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