Intangible gift ideas

Julia Lorber
Julia Lorber
Millenial & plant-based Foodie mit Feminismus im Blut und einer ausgeprägten Liebe zu Wörtern, Menschen- und Hundebabys. Prosecco-trinkende Philanthropin mit Sehnsucht nach fernen Orten, Interesse an der menschlichen Psyche und einem Hang zu den schönen Künsten. Spa Babe mit Tiefgang.

Christmas is just a few days away, and many people find themselves in crowded stores – especially after weeks of lockdown. Or maybe you belong more to the online shopping faction, rummaging for hours for suitable presents and have far too many tabs open where far too many ‘maybe-gifts’ get lost in shopping carts. After all, what do you give your loved ones when everyone has everything by now? Reason enough to think about how we can make others happy – in an immaterial way.

Give the gift of time together: devote an entire day to the person – away from the cell phone and other sources of interference. How about a winter walk, brunch, favorite movie, and a little home spa? Playing games, cooking, or having a slumber party is sure to go over just as well.

Provide a break from the daily grind: Day trips or vacation gift certificates are always something wonderful. Whether it’s an Escape Room, alpaca hike, spa weekend, or a professional massage to help you relax, you can choose from all price ranges and pick and choose whether you want to give an hour of wellness, a day of adventure, or even more time together. Yoga or sports subscriptions, a painting or meditation course, cooking class, or wine tasting can also bring great experiences.

Photo gifts for shared memories: If you’ve shared beautiful moments together, albums, collages, or calendars full of memories of time spent together to give the gift of joy and connection.

Personal messages: Love vibes for your partner, best friend, parents, grandmas, and grandpas are available in the form of handwritten letters, individually designed cards, or self-completed question and answer books. Also nice: write down your favorite poems, quotes, etc. and share them with special people or create a so-called ‘Gratitude Jar’, a jam jar with motivational notes or things we can be thankful for, to read next year.

Give a gift with meaning: donations in the name of the person receiving the gift are especially valuable. Caritas’ ‘Goat Shop’ offers small gifts (from socks to spices) for sale in addition to the various projects for which money is collected, the proceeds of which are, of course, donated. Why not sponsor a goat in Africa to provide milk for a family? Licht ins Dunkel and numerous animal welfare organizations are also happy to receive support!

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