Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day

For newlyweds, there is hardly an event that is more important than Valentine’s Day. Today is that time again and flowers, chocolates, and chocolate change hands all over the world. But where do these customs come from and are they the same everywhere? It’s high time to introduce you to the day of love with impressive figures, useless knowledge, and (new) fun facts.

1) Who invented it?

Spoiler: No, it wasn’t the Swiss!
And neither were florists from the USA and Great Britain. The rumor that they only invented this holiday to boost flower sales is very persistent – especially among romance fans πŸ˜‰

In truth, the day and the romantic gifts associated with it are based on a historical event: in the third century, the Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade single men to marry during times of war. He believed that single men would make better soldiers. A priest from Ternia named Valentine defied this commandment and secretly married couples according to Christian ritual. He is also said to have given each couple a bouquet of freshly picked flowers from his own garden. Really romantic!

2) Other countries – other customs

What do people in other cultures actually give each other? Japanese women show love and affection for their beloved with homemade chocolate on Valentine’s Day. However, they have to wait a few days longer for themselves. It is not until the following month, on White Day on 14 March, that the gentlemen of creation give their lady of the heart a present. But the long wait pays off because the women can look forward to a gift that is three times as valuable as the one they gave on 14 February.

Speaking of chocolate: In Germany, chocolate is not that popular for Valentine’s Day. The clear front-runner among Valentine’s Day gifts: a meal together with your sweetheart!

In the South Korean neighbors of the Japanese, things get even more curious: here, too, it’s not ladies first, but men before. In South Korea, women give the men of their hearts chocolate on 14 February. One month later, on 14 March, men show their love by giving sweets to the ladies of their hearts. And the singles, women, and men who did not give or receive chocolate or sweets then mourn on 14 April (“Black Day”), in which they go out and eat black noodles. Logical, isn’t it?

In Saudi Arabia, every Valentine’s Day muffin can feel at home. Why? Valentine’s Day is forbidden in Arab countries. Couples are not allowed to give each other flowers, chocolates, or gifts. Retailers and restaurateurs are advised not to advertise with the day of lovers. But that’s not all: on 14 February, no one is allowed to wear red clothes, and traders are not allowed to sell red items.

3) So let him who commits himself forever be tested…

In the Russian city of Lipzek, divorce is forbidden on Valentine’s Day! Since Russia has a very high divorce rate, the alarmed registrars have come up with a drastic solution: If a couple wants to get divorced on Valentine’s Day, they are sent back home – with the good advice to reconsider the separation.

In the USA, on the other hand, lawyers use Valentine’s Day for advertising purposes: in 2013, a lawyer from the state of Michigan advertised a free divorce on Lovers’ Day. The couple with the most spectacular separation story was to receive this unusual gift. Almost 600 couples applied. In the end, the lawyer even chose two couples!

4) Valentine’s Day kissing records

58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds: That’s how long the world’s longest kiss lasted. From 12 to 14 February 2013, the Thais Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat kissed together at an organized event in Pattaya and are still unbeaten.

In the Guinness Book of World Records, it was time for another kissing world record in 2009.

On Valentine’s Day, 39,897 people went to a giant group kiss in a ZΓ³calo square in Mexico City. The simultaneous kissing was a protest against the planned ban on kissing in public places, which conservative politicians wanted to initiate. Besides primarily young couples in love, many mothers gathered with their children to kiss on this special Valentine’s Day.

Finally, we would like to give you four wonderful facts that you may not have known about Valentine’s Day!

Did you know that…

1) …110 million roses are sold worldwide every year on Valentine’s Day?

2) …the first box of chocolates was made for Valentine’s Day in 1868?

3) …more than 35 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are produced for Valentine’s Day?

4) …more than 220,000 marriage proposals are made around the world on Valentine’s Day?

However, you spend your Valentine’s Day – we hope it’s exactly how you want it πŸ™‚
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